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Here are the positions you can apply for. As said in the card before this one, there are different characters you can apply for. Now, as you can see there are females and males; yes, there will be two forms to fill out. However, they can be submitted at different times. The deadline will be posted later on along with the form. In this card, you will see the different positions and characters outlines already here. When the form is to come, the character should revolve around the given personalities. However, if you would like to change the personalities, ask first or at least let me know. Now for the male leads; I'm debating on whether to just go with a 7 or more member group or just go with any group. (Comment which one I should do please.) By the way, the collection for This story has already been made.


×the schizophrenic× {Female} (1/3) “Everything, anything, nothing, that's all I am. That's all they are. They're trying to get me and I feel like I'm losing.” Personality; She's constantly moving around, not because she's full of energy but because she's being ‘chased'. She's constantly in panic and has a really high reaction to anything that moves. Everything hurts and her guilty pleasures would be that she gets too clingy to someone close. ×the suicidal× {female} ×TAKEN× “I lived a life where it was a constant battle. No one would really care if I were to die.” Personality; Sadness and hopeless is all this girl believes in. She stares at everyone/ everything and hardly moves. She's very quiet and reserved, however that changes when she's angry as she will scream and throw things. Age: 18-20 ×the Drug Addict× {female} (0/3) “I remember coming home and there was always some type of drug there. It could have been from weed to spice to heroin, you name it. And my father would always say, ‘This is how you know you're living life- when you know you're slowly killing yourself.’” Personality; She's loud and obnoxious, as well as arrogant. She moves around like she owns the world, but on the inside, she's a big softie. Age; 18-22 ×the bulimic× {Female} (1/3) “I'm fat. That's all I have to say.” Personality; She's pretty happy and very optimistic- when she's with people. She's naturally a happy person, just not when it comes to body types. She has a sharp tongue as well and won't take compliments. Age; 19-21 ×The border liner× {female} (0/3) “I forget who I am and sometimes I feel like I can travel outside of my body. But then again… what was I saying?” Personality; Her quote says it all; she spaces out too much and doesn't move at all. Age; 18-20 ×the psychic× {female} (0/3) “When I say what I see, people call me crazy. It's not my fault they're too dense and obnoxious to see the plain sight.” Personality; She can see right through everyones lies and she will not sugar coat anything. Her prescence alone is very demanding. Age; 19-22 ×the psychopath× {male} (1/3) “I always asked myself, ‘Why do I kill so much?’ I then realized- than to me it's not called killing- I'm just simply setting them free.” Personality; Has a temper but won't show it. He always has a blank face and no one can decipher what he's thinking. He does however, state intently at anything and everything. Age; 19-24 ×the Euphoric× {male} (0/3) “I'm happy. Why is it so wrong?” Personality; This man is one of the happiest people anyone can meet. He's loud and is ‘the happy virus’ in the place. Age; 20-23 ×the Parasomniac× {Male} (0/3) "I sleep bad and have unusual movements... Why am I here though?" Personality; He's confused most of the time and often doesn't know what's going on. He's very naive as well. Age; 21-24


These characters you make up, however these are hard and as the story progresses, some might even be cut off as the plot goes, depending on the type of character you make up. ×Nurse× {female} (0/3) “These kids are crazy. Everyone is crazy. However, that doesn't mean that I can't try to help.” Personality; She is the nicest out of all the nurses. She has an innocent face and will do anything for her patients. ×Doctor× {male} (0/3) “I just relieve them of their pain. Is there anything wrong with that?” Personality; He is just plain arrogant and only cares about himself. Age; 22-26 ×2nd Doctor× {Male} (0/3) “You know, I don't want to think about these things. I didn't sign up for this.” Personality; He is very nice to everyone he greets and is often looked down upon as he is very quiet. He's considered the 'pretty boy of the hospital.' Age; 20-25 ×Psychiatrist× {male} (0/3) “Everyone's going to die, so what's the point right? We don't do anything wrong.” Personality; He is very skeptical and irrational about everything around him. ×The Cop× {Male} (0/3) "There's something off about this place. People come in and don't go and I'm going to find out why." Personality; He is very observative and curious. If he spots something out of the ordinary, he'll run straight to it. Age; 21-25
Oh My God. I just read through the characters. This story is going to be amazing! ًHwaiting! ❤️
@TiffanyBibian Between you and I along with other peeps that see this comment, there is a secret psychopath in there. Just look at the personalities. @sarahdarwish Ah, I'm glad you like it! ❤
I want to apply as a Psychic, please!! ^_^
I would like to play as the psychic, please. ^_^
@MichelleIbarra i will like to play as any of these the drug addict, the psychic and if i can play as a male role the psychopath. 😊
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