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Ok I'm behind somethings because of school also i was busy last week helping my sister with her baby gosh who knew taling care of a baby was hard hopefully you guys understand Always i will try to catch up on the things that i missed if i miss anything or if you want me to do a challenge just tag me.

Kpop Game day- Live on stage

This is from the bullet proof team shout out to them always This was my favorite performance from bts i love other performances too but i will have to say this one was my favorite. It was cute when Jin did his little dance. @BulletProofV @MadAndrea @Princessunicorn @CreeTheOtaku @SugaonTop @Vkookie47 @amobigbang
So for the two truths and one lie: 1) I love wolfs 2) I'm the only child 3) I have brown eyes And the lie was...... Number #2 i have three sisters and one brother his the only boy but he said that since im a tomboy he sometimes forgets that im a girl. I will try to update my j hope one shot tonight and i will be doing a challenge call between the two tomorrow. @ExoAsf @ChelseaJay @EsmeraldaCayeta @tayunnie @DestineeLiu @Jinsprincess86 @Princessunicorn @Sarangseoltang @Baekyeol27 @Minimonkey07 @ARMYStarlight @Shinyyang15 @AlyMaldonado @Meeshell @ReynadeKpop @Traviscarte @bbyitskatie @sierraBecerra @Inaswinney @Lexxcisco @MadAndrea @JenJenkhraim @Mikim000 @exokpop12385 @LuanCordero @Jennelleorozco @EmilyGardner @HoangAnhDo @Vonna @KaiTakashima @Justsaiyanmaria @Kpopfanboy @JuanitaBooRiv @Vixenvivi @KpopandKimchi @Faelidora @LexTay327 @LaurenStrayhorn @BelencitaGarcia @xionheart @KaiChenExo @otakupopfan @funnelcakeboo @SolodaywithB1A4 @Tigerlily84 @Celesteyc @Marblue143 @DonnaLykaRoxas @Sarahdarwish @goodmanbethany @Kpopfangirl15 @Externallyeli @Ihiranthom13 @RedeuBelbet @AimeeH @Kpopdeluxegirl @Sherrysahar @Mercedesbenz98 @JoJoJordy2324 @ninjamidori @Aristay @BulletproofV @Deewice @tinafalcon22 @Ciabrizz @lunall71 @momochamie @deefran @Princess2328 @FalseLove @nnatalieg @annevictoraaa @JustcallmeKyki @JackieG1617 @Marisamusic @LilMcGriddle18 @Bubblebella @AlmaRangel @HayleyYates @Kpossible4250 @anarevilla34 @CrystalGuerra @CreeTheOtaku @LizaNightshade @SugaonTop @mellyortiz @CarolPantoja @MichelleIbarra