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1. You don’t talk about other people; you talk about the cool things other people are doing. 2. You think, “I hope I get to…” instead of, “I hope I don’t have to…” 3. You see your internal and external customers not as people to satisfy but simply as people. 4. You enjoy your time at work. 5. You would recommend working at your company to your best friend… 6. You enjoy attending meetings. 7. You don’t think about surviving. You think about winning. 8. You see your manager as a person you work with, not for. 9. You don’t want to let your coworkers down. 10. You hardly ever look at the clock. 11. You view success in terms of fulfillment and gratification – not just promotions and money. 12. You leave work with items on your to-do list you’re excited about tackling tomorrow. 13. You help without thinking. 14. You can't imagine being somewhere else. How many of the above statements apply to you and your job? If you said: 0-3: You may want to find a new job. Life is too short. 4-6: You don't hate your job... but you don't love it either. What can you do differently? 7-10: You really enjoy your job and the people you work with 11-14: You are deeply, madly in love with your job! (and your friends are definitely jealous!)