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Yes!! I got to see them and meet them!! Omg even though I froze up and didn't really talk much this still happen haha kpop all night in Dallas was so much fun!
I was there with all my friends even made new ones!! And got to see some of my favorite Korean artist! But wait there is more! Later that night I went to eat at a restaurant with some friends and I kid you not! G2, and okasain and paloalto were there! Eating in the room right across from us! Omg right! And one of G2 friends was looking for some ecig and both him and G2 came into our room....and what did I do?? I did nothing haha I froze yet again *face palm* like if I was an anime character my like inner self would have been smacking me in the head and yelling say something! Ugh haha but anyways Saturday night gonna be hard to beat!