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Woot woot! The new screenshot game is out and my results are as well. ^^ Recap: Wooyoung and Taecyeon came to me on the train to college.
1. I don't need you guys getting into a fight again. 2. Chansung?! What are you doing? 3. (Blushes) W-what? 4. (Oh thank you Taecyeon. I would have had a heart attack....) 5. Junho! Are you taking me home? 6. Jun? Wh-- 7. (Grabs note and glares at them) 8. H-huh?! 9. Why? 10. Wooyoung! Have you seen him?
11. (I don't want to burden them or my father anymore) 12. I just have to suck it up and deal. 13. (Working) 14. (Oblivious to him following me) 15. Ah! Junho?! 16.(Blushes and pushes away) H-Hey! 17. Oh! I love karaoke! 18. (Watches in amazement) 19. It's beautiful. (Smiles) 20. (Attempts the song )
21. Hey what's up? 22. Seems that way. 23. Thank you. (Cries) 24. (Sniffles) Thank you again. 25. Chansung you should go to sleep. Your drunk.... To be continued.....
@jessicaacosta90 I love the maid cafe idea. That would be so fun. ^^