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DAY 15!

I feel so unprepared for this..

15) Would you rather cuddle with Suga or go to a carnival with V?

Why so difficult?!

Suga is just a life-size teddy bear (aka: cuddle bug)

V is so adorable with that unique smile of his!

haha I love this little derp ;D Why do they have to make this so difficult with their cuteness?!

Oh no no no please don't make me choose! I am not mentally prepared for this!

(when am I ever though?)

GAH! Ok I want to snuggle with Suga because he and I are basically on the same wavelength when it comes to doing things or even getting out of bed for that matter. (Honesty, he's my spirit animal.)

On the other hand, V is so goofy and light hearted. His enthusiasm would make me want to go out and do crazy things with him (like they say, "don't let your friends do dumb things alone.")

Sleep or carnival?

Carnival or sleep?

I'm going to get out for once and go to the carnival with Tae. Sorry Yoongi, I sleep enough as it is! :)

Ahh welp, thanks for hangin' in there with me on this one! Only 4 more to go! If you guys have any suggestions as to what I should do next, let me in on your thoughts!
^^^haha I can't help but enjoy the look on Tae's face XD

Let me know if you would like to be added or removed from the tag list!

@SassyMaknae I know exactly how you feel! 😍 and you will be added!
It's my dream to go to an amusement park, zoo or carnival with my bias. I think it would be so amazing. One day.... I can dream can't I? ~Also, I'd love to be added to your tag list
carnival with v
@DestinaByrd this one was difficult because I REALLY like my sleep lol