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This is how I like my eggs
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I like how I got 5 hearts on this
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@RoronoaLuffy now 7 lol
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now 8. also, that's cool n everything, but u should flip it for last 10 secs, then the orange bit goes pink and it doesn't look like it might not be cooked. although I don't eat fried eggs any more. I eat scrambled eggs now. which are still fried. but scrambled. someone should do an anime about eggs.
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did you watch the naruto special for itachi and sasuke? it's like 15 minutes of itachi trying to make the perfect egg. I laughed my ass off @freep
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naruto is for bitch ass bitches. why does everyone here fucks with naruto? if I was walking down the street tomorrow, and I saw naruto, I would bitch slap DAT bitch for being a lil naruto bitch. @RoronoaLuffy
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