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They hold the trigger! to your heart! You are fallen for them.
just a blink.
holding your hand.
telling you to stay.
looking at you with their innocent Panda eye.
Waving Hi to you.
Who me??
Yes you!!!! Don't you know we are fallen for you!!!!
that last gif is my Fav bromance in kdrama...but I love all these
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Angel Eyes and Secret Garden are the dramas that sucked me in and refused to release me. Now, I'm happily drowning in this sea of drama feelings.
2 years ago·Reply
I fall in love with almost every drama. ..big sigh ♥
2 years ago·Reply
I miss you I miss you so much I don't know how to live now 😭
2 years ago·Reply
JoonKi in DOTS is just killing me right now.
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