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Ok this confirms it. I really like the way Kpop is going musically. There aren't many albums where I like just about every song on it, but in the past year here we have another FANTASTIC album!! Listening to the Highlight I guessed I was gonna like this album though <3
track 01 & 02: Drip Drop & Press Your Number are awesome!! Love the beat in both of them and they're pretty addicting to listen to!! HOLY~ track 03. Soldier is AMAZING!!! <3 Omg <3 its so gorgeous and shows off Taemins vocals quite nicely! I seriously love some of the stuff hes doing muscially in this sing! PROPS <3 Can really feel the emotion behind the song as well! Potentially my fav song on this album~ track 04. Already: Also can feel the emotion behind the song and also shows off Taemins vocals nicely! ^^ track 05. Guess Who: We go from 2 emotional ballad songs to this change in beat! Another song with a very catchy beat and melody. Cool guitar part too! track 06. One by One: Also a really cool guitar part!! ^^ Song has a really cool vibe to it. Very enjoyable to listen to! I really like the chorus melody too! track 07. Mystery Lover: The title of this track is already intriguing! Haha song has a mysterious sounding beginning too~reminds me of a music box. ohhh the notes he goes through in the pre chorus is cool~ This song totally fits the title ^^ track 08. Sexuality: I like the beginning of this song. Has a fun vibe to it. Almost reminds me of a throw back type of song. Haha I like it though. track 09. Until Today: Another ballad vibe song~ ^^ Its more soulful type though! Very nice! I like the triplet notes he sings on top of the beat at some parts! track 10. Hypnosis: Lovely piano & guitar throughout the song ^^ Even some strings playing in the song too! Straight up lovely ballad song! Very nice song to end an awesome album! Sounds like something that would play in a kdrama <3 Guys this album is really awesome!! I'm def a fan of Taemin now. I took note of him when he did his last solo cuz Danger was sooo awesome. But this takes the cake! Taemin is quite talented & he's a fantastic performer all around!! <3 Check out the album if you havent yet~ ^^ I think Solider & Press My Number are top 2! I'll have to listen to the album more to determine other favorites but I like all the songs!