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I know my stats are lame compared to some but this pleases me anyway makes me feel the otaku love and thank you to my two special followers I don't know you personally but thank you and you are amazing to me xD
@simplynick -goes anti perv on behalf of the picture then laughs- yes I love no game no life in fact in a previous post of mine I went on about how it's one of the few animes/mangas that match my brother and i... even though we are not nearly as cool as -buts on an epic commenters voice with a strong pose- the duo known as BLANK..... xD @OtakuDemon10 yay I'm so glad I'm not alone lol I think this small group of people within this card thus far if conversations keep going I might actually talk more xD or relentlessly tag you all in things I find worth looking at muahahahaha
@LoveGaara Ha, you sound like me! I comment a lot, but I don't really post a lot; I mostly just observe. But I still get really excited when someone thinks I'm worth following!
@LoveGaara *stares intently from a distance at no game no life profile pic*
-anime glops- nice to meet chuuuu and not really lol I tend to be quiet most the time just watching but I'm starting to talk more
We all start somewhere!!!! <3 Also hi nice to meet you lol ^-^ I don't think we've really talked before~