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jungkook: umm...uh...sure.... *super awkward before awkward laughing*
jimin: cuddle meee!!!
jin: aish, this girl, how can I resist.
taehyung: *gets all giggly and shy* oh, okay ^.^
suga: you're so cute I could bite you! *super cute suga awakens*
rapmonster: stop being so cute! You're not allowed to be this cute!How can I say no to a cuddle?!
jhope: aww, my cutie wants to cuddle with her hope >. <
here are some photo edits I made^.^ and I do realize I already made a gif reaction to this but I realized it once I finished so I already put my heart and soul into it anyways I hope yall like it♡♡☆¤☆♡♡ bts trash squad: @AbbyRamey @NinaKuduzovic @DestinaByrd @bbyitskatie @PrincessUnicorn  @stsmarlene @4dalientae @nnatalieg @Ercurrent @ninjamidori @JayRaider  @Kpossible4250
Poor Jungkookie
yaaas. all trash is welcome to the trash squad. @twistedPuppy
Can I be added to the trash squad?
Rap monster your so cute omg an jhope is aborable an suga stop it no your not allow to be cute and Jin so sweet an jungkook your weirdo an V so are you an Jimin I don't like you go away *stare at suga an jimin* I don't want to let you into my heart lol
These forreal kill me ❤
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