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Fans of 'The X-Files' have a whole new way to connect with their favorite sci-fi TV series, all thanks to an Instagrammer with a Dana Scully Barbie and plenty of smart imagination.
Meet DanaScullyStyle, an Instagram account that follows the supernatural adventures of a miniature (and stylishly 'on fleek') Dana Scully.

@DanaScullyStyle: "I Want To Believe You're My Valentine!"

Among the quick pics in the account, we get to see Mini Scully continue to fuel one of our all-time favorite ships - MULDER AND SCULLY! SCULLY AND MULDER! (Sculder? Mully?)

@DanaScullyStyle: "Just doing some filing. What's your favorite X-File?"

And then there's the shots of just another day at the office.

@DanaScullyStyle: "Begin autoposy."

I'm super curious to figure out what sci-fi happenings were going on with that body. Alien parasite perhaps?

@DanaScullyStyle: "Time to relax with my favorite book. #snowday"

Mini Scully does everything that you'd expect Regular Scully to do. Here, she winds down with a cup of hot tea and some leisure reading.

@DanaScullyStyle: "Ectoplasmic manifestation, or someone forgot their shoes in dish detergent? I know what Mulder would say."

And here, she investigates a potential puddle of alien ectoplasm.

@DanaScullyStyle: "I've got to get my results in before the lab closes."

So what do you think of Mini Dana Scully? Does she do the original TV Scully justice? Or does she seem a little - well... plastic?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

wow.. I watched the x files tv series long ago about 20 years before.. and now their latest mini series made me crazy! but if you ask me..maybe a little bit plastic to me.. you know the x files fan like the 'trill' one right? lol
love it!
nice she comes with Glock
@atmi LOL yes absolutely.
@petname83 Me too! I'm 99% sure whoever runs this account made most of her outfits by hand lol.
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