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Cycling Through Europe | When you are planning a bicycling trip through Europe, one of the first things you need to do is map out your itinerary. Deciding the roads and trails you will take is necessary, as well as developing a schedule that allows you to see landmarks, cultural centers, and the best in nature. Cycle through some of the most gorgeous landscapes in the world, including the Danube, Rhine, and Seine Rivers, to see such things as ancient architecture, picturesque vineyards, and storied cathedrals. Along the way you will be able to check off places to see from your list, including Germany, France, Switzerland, and more.
You can also get advice from cyclists who have completed journeys through Europe before, so you know what to expect. Be sure to pack maps and local currency, as well as camping supplies and personal items, to get you safely through each leg of the trip. A 2012 study estimated that there are more than 2.2 billion cycle tourism trips taken each year; don’t wait to add your name to the list!