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Hunter Pence is not your ordinary baseball player.

And although I love him with all my heart, he may not seem like a sweet, romantic guy when you see him on the field (he plays baseball like a madman!). But when it comes to the love of his life, it becomes a whole different story!
[Source: Alexis Cozombolidis Facebook]
Oh wow, @hunterpence is really putting the "petal" to the metal on this fiancé thing 😉💐This made my day!!

Isn't he the sweetest thing in the world?

Hahahaha oh Hunter!
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Cute!!!! :D those flowers sure are VIBRANT
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@mchlyang Isn't he the best?
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@nicolejb Damm right! He not only knows how to hit a baseball, he also knows how to make his woman happy!
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