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Welcome one and welcome all to the 6th episode of Foreign Flower!
You heard correctly, this is the 6th episode and I'm not even close to being done! Hope y'all enjoying the novel thus far because it's about to get BIG BANG(in') after this episode! :D
Arriving late to the show? No worries, I gotchu fam :* <3
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This is a pretty long chapter. Literally. Like 10+ pages on my computer so it may take a bit to get through it all. Please take your time to enjoy the scenes because like I said, this is where the real crap begins..... ;) (Or blame/thank @katyng52 for requesting I keep the episode together instead of breaking it up into two separate parts..... #ididthisforyougirl #fanservice) :3
Enjoy! :D *bows*
Chapter 6
Your vision adjusts to the darkness when you open your eyes. Flicker to check the clock, 4:17a.m. You groan then proceed to toss and turn for the next ten minutes, struggling to go back to sleep. With a heavy sigh escaping your lips, you climb out of bed and realize that you're still in the bathing suit from last night. <<Seriously?>> you swear in your thoughts and head to the shower. Once out and refreshed, your stomach growls loudly as you approach the kitchen. The log house stood completely silent at five in the morning, dawn was barely breaking through the trees.
“Pancakes,” your stomach commands through, causing you to start hunting down the ingredients.
It was the last day of filming. Things would get wrapped up quickly and you'd be home in your own bed that same night. The thought made you smile, but it also distracted you from the amount of batter you were making. By the time you snap back into a normal conscious state, you had created enough batter to feed a small high school football team.
“Well, I guess I'll be making enough pancakes for the staff,” you murmur.
The sweet aroma filled the log house but it still wasn't enough to stir a single soul. You flip pancakes in silence and after creating almost five dozen pancakes, you finally sit down and enjoy a couple.
The sky outside had brighten since it neared closer to seven in the morning. You wash the dishes that had been used, then cover the pancakes and jot down a quick note saying that the pancakes are for the staff and are ready to eat, then finish with a quick good luck on the filming for the day. After signing your name, you realize that you should have left it off and to make everyone think that the owners had made the pancakes, but dismiss the idea once you when noise begin to take motion. With stealthily skills, you slip back into your room, change into the exercise gear you had brought just in case of an opportunity, and exit through the back door, running up a hiking trail until you could no longer see the log house behind you.
You walk the rest of the way up the trail, navigating through around boulders and jumping on rocks to avoid getting your shoes wet. Towards the summit you find another hot spring with a river leading away from it. You pause when a branch snaps behind you but it was only a doe and her young ones, making you snap a couple of photographs with your phone as revenge for sneaking up on you. A few more feet up and a clearing peaked through with a meadow which overlooked the forest and mountainous terrain. It almost felt like hiking back home in the States. You take your phone out again to take a few pictures.
"There," you smile and turn to continue up the slope until your eye catches the time on your cellphone screen. "Crap, it's almost ten!"
With a mini heart attack, you take off running down the trail, unsure if anyone had noticed the absence of your presence.
<<Aishh, I'm so stupid! Who the hell takes off like that? People here will worry about you! Wait, who's going to worry? No no, the fact is that I left without a word. They could all be done with film and wanting to go home but can't because I'm not there!>>
It takes an hour worth of nonstop running but you once you see the log house in view, you stop running and walk the rest of the way to reduce your heart from pounding in your ears. You enter into the house through the back entrance and instantly hear multiple voices in the main living room. You peer in and see the majority of the staff members in the living room.
The floor creaks under your foot, betraying your stealth. Everyone looks up in the direction of the random noise, causing a couple of the ladies to come flying to you with open arms and tears streaming down their faces.
“Where did yo go?”
“We got so worried!”
“You didn't respond when we knocked on your door, nor did you pick up your phone, and we even found the note! We thought you ran away!”
“I'm so sorry,” you hug the two ladies back, “I woke up too earlier and decided to take advantage of the hiking trail, I didn't realize the time I had taken so it took me a while to get back. I'm fine. There's no need for me to run away, I'm so sorry I left without a word.”
The tension in the air lifts instantaneously.
“The good thing is that nothing bad happened,” one of the cameramen said.
“It's dangerous in the wild, you should have gone with someone.”
“I know, I'm so sorry for making you all worry!” you say with a deep bow. You're scooped into a group hug by the female staff. <<These aren't just staff, they're not just co-workers either, this is a tight knit family that accepted me as one of their own in such a short time.>> The thought made you tear up as you embraced the people who were hugging you. “I'll make it up to you guys for making you worry!” you manage to say before the tears begin to fall.
“No no, the pancakes were delicious, your kindness and good health is enough!” one of the hair dressers said.
“We're all glad you're safe and here with us!” another cheered.
“Go clean up and change, we're getting ready to check out in a couple of hours,” one of the ladies said once she wiped away her tears. You apologize once more with another bow and excuse yourself.
As soon as you slip into your room voices channel through the door. You place your ear to the door for clarity.
“Is it true? Did you finally find her?” a male voice asks.
“Yes, she said she was hiking and lost track of time,” a female voice explains.
“Where is she now?”
“She's in her room getting cleaned up and packing, rest assured Young-Bae, she's okay.”
<<It's Tae-Yang....>>
“Thank you, I'll tell the other guys,” he said, then the voices disappeared.
<<I even made them worry, dammit.>> You chide and drag your body into the shower.
You straighten your hair and kept your make up to a more natural touch. After applying tinted lip balm, you slip into a white camisole and a dark red button up shirt. You buttoned to bottom three buttons and rolled up your sleeves then tug on black leggings and dark riding boots to finish the look. A knock bangs on your door, letting in one of the ladies that had cried when you reappeared.
“If you must wear that, then at least let me make your hair match the style,” she said then sat you down began preforming wonders on your head. With the door left open, one of the make up artists walks by then turns around to peek in when her eye catches what was taking place.
“Oh! Let me touch up your make up!” she claps her hands in delight.
<<But but, I thought I already looked acceptable.....>> the previous confidence you had about the way you dressed diminishes with a sense of discouragement taking over
Within minutes, your eyeliner was winged to perfection, fuller eyelashes batted against your glasses, on point eyebrows had been molded to your face, and even your lips were a shade redder. Your hair contained more volume even though it still laid flat with loose curls; needless to say, it was a good touch up.
“Thank you,” you beam.
“Gosh, you're beautiful even without trying! Let's go clubbing tonight!” the hairdresser implied.
“Tonight?” you tense, feeling the thoughts of enjoying a quiet night to yourself start to slip away.
“Mmm, I don't know, how about tomorrow night? It will be late when we get back to Seoul,” the make up artist responded first.
“You're right unnie, let's go tomorrow night!”
“Let me see what I have planned then I'll let you guys know” you grin at the idea of a girls night.
“Great! we'll ask the other girls what their schedules look like and plan something that coordinates!” then they both leave you alone once again.
You run a hand through your hair with a small sigh then swing your bags over your shoulder and wave goodbye to the room. You turn in your keys to one of the owners and thank them before going outside to load your things into the van.
“Hold up,” one of the managers stops you.
“What's wrong?”
“You're not driving the van this time,” he says.
“What? How come?”
“There's been a change of plans. You were requested to drive the truck this time,” he hands you the keys to the Dodge.
“What?” a perplexed expression invades your face.
“Go on, it's almost time to go.”
Addled, you make way towards the Dodge truck. One of the other managers takes your bags and loads them in the back, leaving you defenseless your purse by your side. You catch his smirk when he walks away. Before you climb in the drivers seat, you look around, still feeling queasy about driving the truck.
“Why do I have such a weird feeling about this?” you mumble in English as you climb in. You adjust your seat and the rear mirror, only to see the BigBang members approaching the Dodge through the reflection. “Shit.” You remember them riding in the truck on the way to the hot spring. You lay your forehead on the cool steering wheel to take a couple of deep breaths in order to compose yourself then quickly raise your head once you hear the doors opening.
“Good afternoon!” Dae-Sung sings as he climbs in the seat behind you.
“Well well well, look what we have here,” you hear TOP's voice coo as he loads his luggage in the bed of the truck. Your eyes flicker to the rear window once more and spot him smiling mischievously at Ji-Yong.
<<Wait a minute,>> You look behind you, counting the seats. There was exactly six, three in the back and three in front, meaning that you'd be brushing shoulders with one of the guys.
<<Calm down, calm down, they are just going to laugh and say that they were pulling my leg this whole time and that I can go back to the van.>> You pray in the safety self conscious.
You watch closely through the rear mirror as Tae-Yang gets into the middle back seat and Seung-Ri claims the back passenger seat. You stare at your passenger door as Ji-Yong hops in first, scooting all the way next to you, then gets sealed in the middle when TOP sits in the passenger seat and closes the door.
“You look nice today,” Ji-Yong turns his head to you.
“Thanks,” you mutter in response, hoping to keep your cool while being in a very enclosed space with all five BigBang members
“For getting lost in the woods today and making us worry, you look too nice, don't you think?” Seung-Ri says behind you.
You run a hand through your hair and bite your lip, “I didn't get lost, I just lost track of time and went too far up the mountain. I'm sorry for making everyone worry,” you produce a small smile.
“What's that smell?” Tae-Yang interjects, twitching his nose as he speaks. Everyone takes a deep breath, making your smile broaden at their unrehearsed unison.
“It smells like a girl,” Dae-Sung adds. You giggle at his comment, sensing their eyes shift to you.
“Can you hand me my bag?” you lean forward and ask TOP. He looks down and grabs your purse. You open your bag and take your body spray from Bath and Body Works.
“It's this,” you hand the bottle to Dae-Sung. He pops it open as you start the truck, and hear him inhale it loudly.
“Aishh, this smells amazing!” he chuckles with a glowing smile and hands it to Tae-Yang who takes a moment to smell it too then gives it to Seung-Ri.
“Do you always smell like this?” Seung-Ri asks, passing the bottle to TOP.
You shrug, “I switch from time to time, this one is my favorite so I brought it with me. I have to smell nice or else I feel dirty.”
“It's a light sweet scent, suits you perfectly,” TOP offers the bottle to Ji-Yong.
“If you would have worn this on your hike, we would have found you faster,” Ji-Yong teases. You roll your eyes then stuff it back in your bag in exchange for your phone to put it on the GPS slot, and ask TOP to put your bag back on the floor. Ji-Yong grabs your bag from TOP and examines it.
“Do you not have designer bags?” he observes.
“Nope, too broke for that,” you grin, then put the truck in drive to follow the vans out of the driveway. Ji-Yong puts your bag back by TOP's feet.
"You deserve to be spoiled."
You jerk your head to Ji-Yong who had his focused on TOP's sleeve. Your eyes run over the faces of the guys in the back, searching for owner of the random comment.
"What?" you drawl. Every face transitions into honest confusion. <<I'm hearing crap.>> You exhale loudly through your nose and center your attention back to driving.
“Hello,” your phone's driver mode activates.
“Hello Cortona,” you respond.
The phone beeps, “Would you like me to play some music?” It speaks to you in its robotic English voice.
“Yes, please. Playlist number four.”
The phone beeps with an okay and begins to play gentle Coldplay. You focus on the curves of the road and tune out the guys in the back arguing about something. TOP stares out the window, tapping his hand gently against his leg to the beat of the Chris Martin's tender voice. Ji-Yong fidgets with his own phone at first but stops to watch you as you sing along softly to the lyrics, slowly building your voice with the passion of the music and making various of facial expressions. Tae-Yang leaned forward and rests his chin on the back of Ji-Yong's seat, completely absorbed in your actions. Dae-Sung placed his head against the window and watches you through the reflection of the side mirror with a smile on his face.
You're in your own world again, a world where the road seems endless and the music was the only momentum to keep you going. You tap your fingers against the steering wheel and and softly bob your head since your feet were preoccupied.
“Is this all you listen too? I feel like going to sleep,” Seung-Ri whines, but you're unable to hear him. "Hello?" he presses on, retrieving your mental state back from its private fantasy.
"What? Oh, um no. I listen to bits and pieces of everything,” you look at him through the rear mirror.
“Really? Prove it,” he lifts an eyebrow.
You nod then ask your phone to switch to another playlist. Justin Bieber takes over the speaks, making the guys smile and sing along to Love Yourself. You lip sing along this round to enjoy the voices of BigBang work in wondrous harmony. Your shoulders begin to move with the beat, popping and swaying, a form of upper body dancing that you perfected to accommodate when driving.
A car beeps at you, you look out your window and see the van you rode in with the female staff pointing at you and smiling, some of them even laughing. You free one of your hands and begin to lip sing to them through the window while moving your available arm to the music.
“Incoming text,” your phone says over the music.
“Open,” you command.
“We're missing your karaoke sessions! Please don't have too much fun without us!” your phone reads out loud. It was from one of the girls in the van you were dancing to.
“Karaoke sessions?” Dae-Sung said over your shoulder, “How come we don't get to see your fun side?”
You laugh to hide the embarrassment about being exposed, “Because you guys are professional singers, and good at it. I'd only make a fool of myself if I sang, even if it were for kicks and giggles.”
“C'mon, we won't laugh,” Tae-Yang smiles with his eyes. Your eyes linger to the rear mirror and see the three musketeers in the back, looking at you with puppy dog eyes. You smile and shake your head, blushing at the idea. Out of nowhere, you feel something on your right shoulder. You turn and see Ji-Yong laying his head on your shoulder, looking up at you with the same expression as the three guys in the back. You wink at him and he begins to laugh, pulling back and leaning on TOP instead.
“I'll think about it,” you smile.
The guys in the back cheer then instantly thank each other for being so convincing and winning against you. After a few more songs, Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson begins to play. You bite your lip for a moment then release it and begin to sing along, replacing the name 'Annie' with the names of the guys who had tried to convince you. The guys broke into bigger smiles when watching you move your upper body and your hand with the lyrics. Halfway through the song, Tae-Yang begins to dance with you, making the other two beside him move as well. As soon as the song finished, your playlist slid into The Jackson 5 Medley, provoking you to carry on singing to the tone of little Michael. With that song, everyone in the car started to clap while you sang your heart out with the help of TOP's beat boxing to create more emphases in the background. The other drivers of the vans smiled when they see you dorking out. The song ended and transitioned into something not as moving.
“That's what I'm talking about!” Dae-Sung laughs.
“You sang to everyone except TOP-hyung,” Seung-Ri looks at you like a curious panda.
“That's because you guys have two syllable names that worked with the song, TOP is a three syllable name so it couldn't work. Either way, I can't sing to him."
“Why not?” TOP gasps with a playfully hurt expression.
“Because I have to climb to your level and break out my rapping skills,” you smirk.
“Fine, I'll be waiting for this challenge,” he grins, and to your luck, Look At Me Now by Chris Brown switches into play. You roll your eyes then straighten up and clear your throat in preparation to rap along with Busta Rhymes when he takes over his part, moving your hand accordingly like a wannabe gangster.
“Look at me now,” you say with the smirk of a champion when the song ends.
“Wow,” his jaw drop.
“I caught the whole thing on video!” Seung-Ri roars with laugter. You whip your head around and reach your available arm behind Ji-Yong, trying to snatch Seung-Ri's phone from him.
“Delete it!” you hiss.
“Why? That was so cool, send it to me,” Ji-Yong grins.
“Me too, who taught you how to rap?” Tae-Yang asks, dodging your arm.
You focus back on the road, but keep moving your other arm at Seung-Ri, “I only learned a few songs to show up my older brother when we'd be in the car together,” you confess while chewing on your lip in concentration of trying to find Seung-Ri's phone without looking at him.
“I'm not going to show anyone except the hyungs, don't worry,” Seung-Ri chuckles.
“You basically sent it to all of us,” TOP announced, playing the video from his phone.
“Meanies,” you pout and pull back your arm.
“Whoa,” Ji-Yong gasps.
“What?” you respond in unison with the other guys.
“Your hands.... they're so small,” he grabs your wrist and examines your hand.
“Seriously? It's like you haven't seen a girl's hand before. They're just like yours!” You bite your tongue before saying too much. Ji-Yong held your hand in his own, an action that would make any VIP squirm.
“Look!” he exclaims, holding your hand up and putting his own hand against it to measure the difference.
“Whoa, let me try!” Dae-Sung leans forward and stuck his hand out too, followed by Seung-Ri. Even TOP and Tae-Yang compare their hands to yours.
“Your hands are even smaller than Young-Bae's,” TOP snickers.
You pull your hand back run it through your hair before placing it back on the steering wheel. A light shade of rose springs up in your cheeks as you try to level your beating heart. “I'm a girl, my hands are suppose to be smaller than a boy's hand,” you mutter quietly.
“Are you blushing?” Ji-Yong bites his lip and leans in close to you, invading your personal space. You lean against the door to get away and hide the side of your face with the hand that was touched by the kings.
“No,” you squeak in English.
“Is she blushing?” Tae-Yang leans forward too in order to catch a glimpse.
“She's so blushing,” Seung-Ri laughs.
“Aww, our little sister is embarrassed!” Dae-Sung teased.
“It was requested that you drove us back, only so we could take turns pulling your leg as punishment for making everyone worry,” TOP smiles like he did nothing wrong after the confession. You put your hand back on the wheel and take a deep breath, exhaling the frustration of your inner fangirl battling with your professional persona.
“I see,” you speak through your teeth and force a sweet smile at Ji-Yong who wasn't trying to hide his enjoyment.
“Alright alright, we'll tone it down,” he finally says and leans on TOP with a victorious smirk. Seung-Ri's phone begins to ring, he picks up and instantly shifts his amusment into a serious expression. Within seconds he hangs up and releases a long heavy sigh.
“What's up?” Tae-Yang asks.
“The call was from the managers up ahead. They said that they got a call from some of the crew from behind us saying that they were being followed and suspect it to be the paparazzi. Apparently someone had leaked that we had a new driver and they're on a rampage on trying to see who we're hiding since the anonymous tip mentioned it was girl,” he said with a look of deep disappointment.
“Well, there goes our fun,” Ji-Yong mutters, “welcome to the life of a celebrity.” All five guys reached into their pockets and pull out medical masks to cover their faces. You make your lips into a thin line and check the rear mirrors more frequently to find anything suspicious.
“Here,” Tae-Yang taps your shoulder with a mask, “Wear it to protect your identity.”
“Protect my identity, I will,” you say in your best Yoda impersonation to lighten the mood, generating chuckles from the guys as you put on the mask.
“You're too funny,” TOP chuckles.
As you near Seoul, Seung-Ri's phone ring again, this time he said that the managers had spotted another car on the same freeway.
Traffic began to increase, forcing you to weave in and out of dense lanes in order to distance yourself from the other vans and camouflaging within the crowd. Out of your side mirror, you spot a blue van weaving in and out of the traffic as well. You could see the passenger carrying a bulky camera and aiming it towards your vehicle.
“Damn, they found us,” you grunt then straighten up and lean a bit forward, turning down the music so you could focus better.
“What are you doing?” Ji-Yong furrows his brows.
“We're going to play Need For Speed and pretend they're the cops. So that means we have to evade them without getting caught, right?” you declare, cutting into the next lane.
“Are you crazy? Something may happen! We could get into an accident, or have the real cops after us,” Dae-Sung roars.
“Yeah, there's always a chance, but I'm driving tonight. Trust me on this,” you hit the gas and plunge the truck forward. There were five more exits left before you could merge out of the freeway. Timing was your enemy because you didn't exactly know the roads yet. “Can you hand me my sunglasses?” you say to TOP. He reaches into your bag obediently.
“It's dusk, should you be wearing them?” he hesitates with them in hand.
“No, but they'll know I'm a foreigner if they see my eyes,” you take them and slide them on. Childish Gambino begins to play in the background, you turn up the volume and sing quietly to yourself while glancing over to the rear mirror.
“They're approaching us on my side,” Dae-Sung's voice interrupts your concentration.
“So, they're here to see her huh,” Tae-Yang breathes, looking over Dae-Sung to catch a glimpse.
“This is bad, we're sorry for requesting you to drive us,” TOP shook his head.
“Oh, mijo, they don't know who they're messing with,” you growl then check your blind spot quickly and proceed to cut through two lanes and up one of the ramps to exit the freeway. It was an exit too early but the paparazzi knew where you were suppose to go, not the detour you were going to take.
“What are you doing?” Ji-Yong stares at you with wide eyes.
“Grab on to something, oppa,” you grin inside your mask.
You may have lost the blue van but a black Subaru begins to tail you. You take right turns at unexpected streets, speeding up when the road was empty and drifting into a busy road. An idea pops into your head.
“Okay Google." Your phone beeps with the microphone icon blinking,“take me home,” you command.
“Calculating your route for home,” it responds, then displays the route.
“Home?” Seung-Ri said with concern in his voice.
You see another Dodge truck a few cars ahead of you, same color and same model. You weave through a couple of cars to get in from of that truck, then take the turn that your GPS suggested. You didn't see the black Subaru behind you but you knew that they wouldn't have fallen for that trick so easily. With a few more streets to go, you see an open lot for parking near your street.
“How fast can you guys run?” you smile into your mask.
“Why do you ask?” Tae-Yang answers first.
“My apartment is close by, and there's a parking lot up ahead. I'll park there, we'll grab our bags then sprint to my apartment. You guys can hide there until the coast is clear, then we'll go back to the YG building,” you explain, checking the mirrors every other second. They all nod in agreement and you to cross into the familiar neighborhood to park the truck along the curb with the other cars.
“Fighting!” you encourage, turning off the engine and grabbing your phone. TOP hands you your bag before climbing out.
“Start running ahead to show us the way, we'll grab your stuff!” Seung-Ri yells. You nod and take off, reaching in your bag for your apartment keys.
You turn your head and see them all running. Tae-Yang was catching up, followed by Ji-Yong and Seung-Ri running together. Dae-Sung's trailed closely behind but TOP was at the very back, sprinting hard to catch up. You run up the stairs and jab the key into the slot. With a quick turn and a violent push, you make it inside but quickly hide behind the door to let the others run in. Once TOP slide inside, you closed the door and locked it with both locks then peer into the peep hole.
“Why are the lights off?” Dae-Sung croaks breathlessly.
“Shh, there are people outside,” you hiss. The truck was barely in the view but you could see a group of eight people crowding around it momentarily before disbanding and running into different directions, obviously looking for the members of BigBang and their mysterious female driver. Your heart pounds inside your chest, you could hear the heavy breathing of the other members slowly start relax.
“Okay, the coast is clear, but you may want to stick around for a but just to make sure. They all ran in different directions so their car must be close,” you pull away from the door and flick on the lights.
Seung-Ri leaned on Ji-Yong, Tae-Yang was squatting down with his hands over his head. TOP had rolled up his sleeves and unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt but Dae-Sung sat on the floor with his hands also on his head. You lean against the wall and ran a hand through your hair.
“See? I told you to trust me,” you grin and they laugh. “Welcome to my small apartment, make yourselves at home. And please remove your shoes and put them by the door.”
“Where can we put the bags?” TOP inquires once he caught his breath.
“Along the wall is fine.”
“Here,” Tae-Yang hands you your luggage, you take it from him and bow.
“You're welcomed to play with my Xbox or watch movies, I'm gonna drop this in my room,” you say excusing yourself. When you returned back to the living room, all five guys crowded on the sofa. You approach with caution and look at them as they turn and look at you in sync. “What?” you mold your lips into a thin line.
“We're sorry,” they say in unison and bow their heads. You laugh to yourself and wave them off then turn on the Xbox and the television.
“My oppas are so humble,” you giggle as you take your hand and sign in with the Connect system's motion sensory.
“There are five guys in your apartment, are you not comfortable?” Ji-Yong asks in a small voice.
“No, because those five guys are individuals that I trust. We're all on good terms here, right?”
“Our little sister is so brave, hyungs!” Dae-Sung chuckles.
You hand the controller to Seung-Ri, “here, pick something to play or watch something, whichever is fine. I'm going to change and make dinner since you're all my guests this evening,” you smile.
“Don't trouble yourself,” TOP stands up and bows deeply.
“My apartment, my rules oppa. Make yourselves at home, seriously.” You walk away towards your room. You close the door then put your bags against the wall and open one of your drawers to grab a cotton white long sleeve shirt and a pair of black and blue shorts. You change quickly then remove your make up and bathe your legs in in lotion before emerging from your room.
From the hallway you hear Dae-Sung arguing with Tae-Yang over something. Once you emerge from the hallway, you notice Seung-Ri looking through movies on Netflix with TOP stood before bookshelf, concentrating on studying the types of novels and Ji-Yong scrimmages through the shelf of CDs by the television. It was strange to have company but at the same time, it warmed your heart to have someone to talk to.
“I don't know what to watch, what kind of games do you have?” Seung-Ri turns to ask. You stride over to the kitchen island and wash your hands in the sink.
“Look at console, underneath is a cabinet. Open it and look through them games.” You dry your hands then turn to open your refrigerator, chewing on your lip as you search for an idea for dinner for six.
“Aigoo! You have all these games! There's like fifty!” Dae-Sung exclaims.
“Have you played them all?” Seung-Ri's voice was full of excitement.
“There's only thirty-two, and yes I've played them all. I have more back home, these are just my favorites.”
“What do you recommend?” Seung-Ri calls out with his nose in the cabinet. You turn around with ingredients in your arms and place them on the counter-top.
“For one or multi-player?”
You smirk, “Well I personally enjoy sandbox games so as a single player, I'd say any of the Elder Scroll games. But with a crowd, either Halo or Just Dance.”
“Why do you have CDs?” Ji-Yong spoke up.
“I usually drive with CDs so I can enjoy the artist and all of their work. Or I'll pop it into the Xbox and listen to it from there instead of wasting WiFi. When I travel I just take my laptop but I had my sister send me some CDs when I arrived.”
“You have a wide range of interests- oh hey, I found our stuff!” Ji-Yong fanboys.
“I confess, I'm a VIP,” you hold your hands up and the guys chuckle.
“Are these all your books?” TOP catches your attention.
“No, I have enough to complete a library back in the States, those are just a few that I either bought since I arrived or actually brought with me.”
“Do you need help?” Tae-Yang appears beside you.
“Nah, I'm alright,” you smile at him and continue chopping vegetables.
“Who taught you how to cook?”
“Hmm, my parents tried to show me, but I wasn't in the mindset to learn so I only got the basics from them. The rest was self taught when I moved out for school.”
“What can you make?” he continues, intrigued by your movement.
You stir the pot and make faces to yourself as you ponder, “I have no boundaries when it comes to cooking, just like music and languages. So I guess you can say that I know a little bit of everything.”
“Teach me?” his eyes smiled.
“Sure, but I'll be a tough teacher,” you tease.
Tae-Yang leans against the refrigerator and watches you move back and forth as you cook then heads back to Dae-Sung and Seung-Ri who had began to play Just Dance.
“Smells good,” Ji-Yong and TOP both take a seat at the kitchen island.
“You think so?” you grab a small bowl, pour a bit of broth inside and hand it to them with two spoons. “Taste it, tell me if it needs something or if its too salty.”
They take the spoons and taste the broth, reacting instantly with shocked expressions as an answer. You turn away and smile to yourself. <<I never expected to be in this position with my idols.>>
“What is this?” TOP asks with another spoonful of broth in his mouth.
You turn off the stove and reach for the bowls, “Udon,” you grin and hand them both new bowls. You rinse the one they had both tasted from and leave it in the sink to dry later on.
“Dinner is ready,” you call out.
They all jump up, even Ji-Yong and TOP. You hand them the chopsticks then put water bottles, soda cans, juice cans, and a pitcher of tea on the counter with a few cups.
“This smells amazing!” Dae-Sung takes a deep breath.
“Is it really udon?” Ji-Yong asks as he served himself.
“You think I'd lie about food?” you put a hand on your hip and flick your other wrist at him with a playful smirk. He smirks back then takes his seat back on the kitchen island. The guys gather around the counter, devouring their bowl of noodles. “I made a lot so please eat up as much as you like,” you say blowing on your own noodles and leaning on the counter.
“You wanna know what I noticed, hyung?” Seung-Ri says in between his bites. Ji-Yong looks at him and nods to show he was listening. “She has small feet too.” You stare at Seung-Ri from above your glasses then turn your back to all of them as they commence on snickering.
“You're fun to tease,” Tae-Yang fights back his smile. You turn your head back at the group and twitch your nose at them, making them hold back their laughter since they had noodles in their mouths.
“I'm not cooking anymore for you guys,” you pout.
“You know we're kidding,” Dae-Sung counters with a mouth full. You giggle then ask them leave their bowls in the sink once they're done. After a few more playful conversations, you being to put things away and clean up the kitchen. You turn to start washing the dishes but Seung-Ri had already beat you to the punch.
“You don't have to help, go join the other oppas,” you say softly, touched by his kindness.
“You've done a lot for us already, it's the least I can do,” he grins. TOP grabs one of the kitchen towels and starts drying the dishes that Seung-Ri sets out of him.
“With your small hands, it would take you ages to clean up this mess, just let us do it. With me and Ri's teamwork skills, we'll get this done in no time,” TOP flashes a teasing smile, showing off his dimples.
You run a hand through your hair in defeat, “fine, I'll put the dishes away since you're not going to know where they go.”
Across the room, Tae-Yang was full out battling Dae-Sung at a Just Dance song with Ji-Yong cheering them both on. A smile grows on your face then mentally thank yourself for buying the video game ages ago.
TOP had been right, the time that it took to wash the dishes and put everything away took way less than you'd expected it to take if it had just been you.
“It feels like you guys don't have a lot of spare time to goof off,” you say as you put the last bowl away.
“Our schedules are usually really hectic. We either have to be at one place or the other, so it's nice to be able to relax and forget about our priorities, even if it's just for a little while,” Seung-Ri dries his hands.
“How's your schedule?” TOP leans against the counters with his arms crossed. It almost looked as if he were posing for a photo shoot, but then again, you knew he was just keeping it cool.
You take off your glasses and clean the lenses with a napkin, “not too bad, sometimes I have too much time on my hands and I start feeling lazy. Seeing you all work hard and give a hundred and ten percent on the things you do, it's pretty inspiring. So I try to keep busy but it usually ends up with walking around the shopping districts or watching dramas.”
“You really are a VIP,” TOP grins. You put your glasses back and flash a cheesy attempt at aegyo. TOP and Seung-Ri chuckle, causing Ji-Yong to turn around.
“Hey, come join us!” Ji-Yong says with his boyish smile. TOP sits by Ji-Yong, joining in on his cheering and laughter while Seung-Ri picks up one of the controllers and adds himself in to play. You sit on the arm of the couch and watch them dance.
“Play with us!” Dae-Sung encourages while shaking his hips like the avatar.
“Come on! Let's make this a competition!” Tae-Yang insists.
You wave your hands and laugh, “No no, I don't want to show up my oppas.”
“It's okay if you're scared to lose,” Seung-Ri winks at you.
“We'll go easy on you,” Tae-Yang smiles.
“Oh, now you have to play,” Ji-Yong bit his lip and raised his eyebrow at you. You stand up and grab the controller to log in another character.
“Don't say I never warned my oppas,” you sigh and stretch your arms while the song loads. Starships by Nicki Minaj begins to play. You stand in front of Dae-Sung with Tae-Yang being beside you and Seung-Ri standing adjacent. You all move in sync with the avatars on the screen, but with your long history with the game, you hit every move perfectly. Ji-Yong continues to switch between laughing and cheering with TOP.
“Don't let a girl beat our hyungs!” Ji-Yong cheers.
“Fighting!” TOP encourages.
Without stopping to look at each other after the song was over, the game moves to Happy by Pharrell Williams. The guys pump themselves up with determination to defeat you and the raging points you were racking up. You start singing with the song and plunging yourself into full groove mode, destroying the other three. Tae-Yang's skills brought him to second place, he kept matching your intensity throughout the chorus but would loose it during the verses. Seung-Ri and Dae-Sung had synced perfectly, tying up their points in the end.
“Oh look, I beat my own high score,” you comment, trying to hide the amusement in your voice.
“You're good,” Tae-Yang smiles at you with his hands on his head in order to catch his breath.
“You're not playing fair. Let's switch to a different type of song and test these so called skills of yours,” Seung-Ri protests.
“I don't think it'll make a difference but I'm curious to find out,” TOP chuckles.
“I'll be the DJ!” Ji-Yong grabs the controller and looks through the playlist carefully, allowing the hyungs a chance to catch their breaths and recharge. “Hmm, Spanish or KPop?” he asks the hyungs, giving you a mischievous look.
“Both!” Dae-Sung replies first. The other two nod their heads in agreement with him.
“You're going down on this one since it's our hyung Psy,” Seung-Ri shot you a wink.
<<What a shame, if only they knew that I know all these moves by heart.>> You think and hide your grin by stretching your arms again. Gentleman by Psy begins with its catchy beat.
“Oh crap, this is gonna be awkward,” you grunt, then quickly take turns pulling your legs up to your tummy to stretch your hamstring. You sing along again with the biggest smile on your face once you begin rotating positions with the others and thrusting your hips in the air when the avatar insisted. At one point, you had to turn around and stretch your arms into an airplane so you do so just as the avatar begins, causing the guys to stand in confusion and try to catch up. While you turn around, you see TOP and Ji-Yong watching you with pure amusement on their faces. The song finishes and Dae-Sung falls back to the couch.
“That was too much, hyung, take my place please!” he says leaning his head back and panting heavily.
“Fine, I'll show you how its done, G-Dragon style,” he gets up and taking Dae-Sung's place.
“TOP oppa, do you want to play?” you ask.
“No, this is too good to watch,” he smiles like a child.
Ji-Yong clicks the next song, it was Bailando by Enrique Iglesias, a song you new all too well from the aventures you spent in California.
“Spanish, really romantic. Heads up, this is a couple song. Young-Bae oppa, you're going to have to dance with me so we can beat those two,” you giggle. Tae-Yang blushes and nods in agreement.
“Hope you're ready to lose,” Ji-Yong hisses in English.
“Vas a ver,” you respond in Spanish with no cap on the amount of sass in your rolling Rs. The romantic guitar strings bring you all to focus. The song had an obvious romantic tone to it, causing Dae-Sung to tease Ji-Yong and Seung-Ri for having to dance like a couple. You sing full out with the Spanish lyrics, occasionally singing to Tae-Yang whenever you had to switch positions with him. The song switched keys, bringing you to the part where you hand to dance with Tae-Yang, hand in hand. He blushes deeply, as if it was the first time he had ever been so close to a girl.
"Do you trust me?" you whisper low enough for him to hear.
"Of course," he smiles.
“Then don't watch the screen and just follow my lead,” you take his hand and slide in front of him, imitating the avatars on the screen. You and Tae-Yang beat Ji-Yong and Seung-Ri only by two hundred points but the game exaggerated the difference to make the bar graphs further apart. Tae-Yang high fives you on the win.
“I still think you're cheating somehow,” Seung-Ri pouts at you but then smirks at Tae-Yang.
“Let me know when you gather enough evidence to support your case,” you stick your tongue out at him.
“Well, it's been fun but we should get going now, we have to be at the airport early tomorrow,” Ji-Yong groans. TOP and Dae-Sung stand up with disappointment displaying on their faces.
“Where are you guys heading?” You ask, grabbing the controllers and putting them back on the shelf.
“We have a photo shoot and a few things to film in Japan this next week,” Tae-Yang makes his way towards the luggage.
“Then we head to Taiwan to do a few things too,” Seung-Ri adds in.
“I shouldn't have kept you guys here so late then,” you say with guilt.
“It's not your fault, it was an eventful evening, please invite us back again,” Dae-Sung eyes smile reassuringly.
“Will you guys be alright?”
“Yeah, I'll drive back to the company so you don't have to worry,” TOP grabs the keys off the counter. You pout at the mental image of the BigBang guys being stressed and exhausted with their schedules, distracting yourself enough to barely hear a small click sound. You look up and see Dae-Sung holding up his phone up at you and Seung-Ri at his side, chuckling.
“What did you do?” you gasp, realizing that your defensive barriers were down.
“Don't get mad okay, but I just took a picture of our cute little sister to encourage us when we're tired,” Dae-Sung fought to contain his smile.
“Send that to me,” TOP calls from behind them through a chuckle.
“Same!” Ji-Yong laughs, then pokes you with your phone, “Here.”
You yank it from him and hug the phone to your chest with horror spelled across your face, “What were you doing!”
“Relax,” he smirks. “I put mine, and the hyungs' numbers in your phone in case you ever need to reach us. Dae-Sung already gave us your number, but I figured you'd be mad if we all text you without the consent of knowing who it was.”
“Thanks?” you drawl in English, embarrassed for your overprotective behavior.
“Nice wallpaper by the way,” he teases in a soft whisper then turns quickly to slip on his shoes. Your cheeks begin to burn; the wallpaper was a picture of the members in chibi form.
They all thank you for your hospitality with a deep bow then open the door and instantly take off running towards the truck. You laugh at their sudden behavior and stand by the doorway, watching as they climb in and yell at each other between laughs. The truck roars to life and drives by slowly, giving you the opportunity to see the guys wave goodbye until they lost you around the curb.
You sigh then close the door and lock it. After turning off the console, you turn off the lights and head into your room to unpack your bags and get ready for bed.
The next morning you wake up to your phone's notification sound going off repeatedly. You groan and search for it with your eyes still closed. At 5:03 in the morning and with one eye open, you slide the touch screen to unlock. Both of your eyes pop out of their sockets when you read that the guys had followed you on Instagram and Twitter with their personal accounts, and were requesting to add you on Snapchat. You face palm to the surprise and bite your lip to hold back your amusement.
“They're all dorks,” you mutter, accepting their requests then rolling over to fall asleep again, only to dream about dancing together with all five of them on Just Dance for a more hours until your alarm went off. You stir once more then finally get up.
A hot shower later you're in the kitchen with the television on a channel dedicated to the latest Kpop news.
"Well it looks like YG Entertainment is up to something again, take a look." The host spoke with irritation in her voice. You look up from the cereal box and listen closely. The screen switched to a video of someone approaching a Dodge Ram. You clearly see Dae-Sung's side profile with Tae-Yang leaning forward to look out towards the camera with a concerned expression. The camera slowly panels to the driver. You're able to make out your red sleeve and the curly hair on your shoulder, but with the mask and sunglasses conceal the important details. Then in a split second, the Dodge merges into the other lanes, leaving the cameraman to end the film when the truck travels up the ramp to exit the freeway. "We have no information on who the driver is or the relations is with the members of BigBang but we do know that she is a female and was able to quickly evade the situation. The CEO of YG Entertainment has yet to explain what went on, but we'll keep you updated as soon as we receive more information."
The color drains from your face, "this is bad. This is very very bad."
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*Dramatic background music* *gasps* What will happen to you? :O How will the CEO handle this? How will YOU handle this? Better yet, when will you be able to see BigBang again?!
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