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Actress Lee Yoon Ji said she cried after finishing filming the last episode of MBC TV’s drama series The King 2 Hearts. On May 29, at an interview, Lee said, “I had a party with the crew members last Thursday after filming the last episode of The King 2 Hearts, and I went to school the next day. I’ve never said this to anyone yet. When I was driving to school the next morning, I burst into tears. Maybe I was sad about the fact that the series was over. I couldn’t stop crying.” Lee also said, “I arrived at school early but was eventually late for class because I couldn’t stop crying. It was weird because I’ve never cried alone before. I think that’s because my character Lee Jae Shin was unhappy at the end.” Lee played the role of Lee Jae Shin, a carefree princess of South Korea, on The King 2 Hearts, which went off the air on May 24. At the end of the series, Lee hurt her legs and became wheelchair-bound as she fell into Club M’s trap, and her lover Eun Shi Kyung (played by Jo Jung Suk) was killed. Source: TV Report Translated by
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She is a terrific actress...felt so bad about the death of her boyfriend Eun Shi Kyung. I liked the series but it would have been better if he had not died and we got to see the princess happy. Too Sad!
ahhhhhhhh see even Yoon Ji-unni is as badly affected as us T_T