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Query for you
My sister is an English teacher, and she wants to show her students an episode of Supernatural for Gothic Lit, so she asked me for suggestions. She's thinking "Woman in White." I haven't gotten a chance to look through myself, but I was wondering what you guys think.
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Woman in White would be great! Is there anything they can't see? Like, are these high schoolers who'll be fine or younger?
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I'm pretty sure they're high schoolers
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Cool! I'd add Everybody Loves a Clown and No Exit to the list as well. Here's an essay that might be useful though it sounds like she's already on the right track :D http://www.academia.edu/9969489/The_Gothic_Tradition_in_Supernatural_Essays_on_the_Television_Series
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@shannon15 I'm sure you're aware, but you're awesome!
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@OtakuDemon10 awww you're too kind!
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