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So I decided the hell with I'll watch Exo next door I'm watching it now I mean why not might be a good show even though I'm not a fan (<.<) (>.>) I REFUSE!!!! And just in the the two episodes that I watched I was spazzing
Lol why does D.O look so short like yo bruh you short lol
An then like in the second episode I was. Spazzing I was spazzing an I was dying *pull sheet over head* I'm dead (x.x)
This isn't even what they said --- wait hmm I guess you can put it that way lol to put it bluntly lol I'm still dead
@ScarletMermaid @EmilyPeacock @janessaakemi @ElleHolley I'm making imagine of kai than Xiumin wanna be tag lol head up there kinky kinda
@AbbyRamey I don't like him *sobs* I refuse just how I refuse Jackson from got7 Bobby from ikon an jimin from BTS 😭😭😭 why do they always win me over *ugly cry *
@janessaakemi I don't know anything about them expect 3 members left the group which is my tao (my bae) an Kris and the other dude and I didn't know any of their music lol I refuse to love them but D.O (///) he adorable (TAT)
@janessaakemi this series is what helped me learn their names. before this, I only knew Kris and Luhan, now I know all 12
@AbbyRamey Kai's and Xiumin's Web series were awesome. I watched Xiumin's before Kai's, and now I love them even more (which shouldn't be possible) 😂😂
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