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DAY 16!

On a side note, I love Jin and Namjoon's faces! They're like, "Bi*ch wat?" XD

16) Would you rather take Rapmon to a Kanye West concert or Jungkook to a 1D concert?

ehh 1D...not a fan (no offense to those who are)

Namjoon! Let's partay!

Kookie! The little fanboy!

Ah gahd jeez I'm sorry Jungkookie, I am going to have to go with Namjoon this time.

I honestly can't handle 1D longer than 2.2 seconds.

^^^aww kookie, don't look so upset. :( I love you just as much as the others! (but not too much because you're a little young for me ;))

Alrighty! Only 3 more! Is it hot in here? No? Just me? Okay...

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rapmon to a Kanye West concert I think he would like it and beside me and rapmon need to hang out more
@DestinaByrd same lol