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Haru sat up and rubbed her eyes. With a sigh, she stretched her arms, She hadn't slept that well in weeks. Seeing as her step mother would constantly wake her up just so haru could make her breakfast. And this bed had been far more comfortable than her own. "You think you can just go out into the night and kidnap girls like this?!" Haru heard a woman yell and she furrowed her eyebrows. Did something occur while she was asleep? "Stop talking to me like that! I'm higher than you-" she heard Gwi yell before the woman had cut him off "But i'm smarter than you ever will be" Gwi growled "You don't understand how valuable she is to me! To our race!" Haru sat up in alarm and gulped. What exactly did he mean by 'valuable'?
"I doubt any of that is true! You'll probably just kill the poor thing and drink her dry. You and i both know how hard it is to control your thirst, especially around humans" she heard the woman sigh. Haru widened her eyes. Had he really been planning to kill her all along? She gulped, she really didn't feel like dying today. There was still more research to be done. Mentally groaning at herself, she slapped her forehead 'How could i think about my research at a time like this?' Haru hesitantly got out of bed and grabbed a small blanket from the edge with her fingers shaking. She wrapped it around herself for warmth and slowly walked towards the door, peeking her head out slightly to look at the two figures at the other end of the hallway. "That is not my intention at the moment! Do you know why she's so important?!" Haru heard Gwis deep voice boom throughout the large house "Because she's one of Kim Sungyeol's descendants!" Haru froze in her spot. What was he talking about? The woman gasped " can't drink her blood no matter how tempted you are" "That's not exactly true..You see, she probably doesn't remember a thing from before she was 10. That was because she had been asleep for over 300 years, if not longer. She's half human and half vampire, but she is more human than she is a vampire. That's most likely why she never has any cravings for blood" Gwi sighed "So, if she half human, i can drink her blood. But i won't, simply because i need her around here"
Haru gasped and covered her mouth. No..No this cannot be happening to her. 'This has to be a lie, it just has to be!' She mentally yelled out in her thoughts. But when she thought it over, it did make sense. Maybe that's the reason why she felt as if she never fit in with her family.. Because they simply weren't her real family. "Wait a moment..if Yang Sun and Sung Yeol had a child, wouldn't she have been dead? There is a saying that if a human and a vampire have a child together, the child could kill the human mother, right?" The woman explain, sounding confused. "Certainly...but if she's not dead. then yang sun was alive when she had her..But it seems to me like Sung Yeol could have turned Yang Sun into a vampire while she was giving birth. But this is odd...So, this girl is more human than vampire, so she must have obtained the human genetics of both sung yeol and yang sun.." Gwi hummed and sighed. Haru sniffed quietly as her bottom lip trembled. She felt useless, confused, out of place and stupid.. But the worst part of all, is that her entire life had been a big fat lie. The woman looked at her and softened her eyes "Oh dear.." Gwi turned around and saw the small girl, sniffling as tears ran down her cheeks. Before he could even say a word to her, she ran off into his bedroom and locked the door. Gwi sighed loudly and began walking towards the room. But before he could, the woman grabbed his arm "Don't, I'll talk to her" Gwi grunted and walked into the kitchen without a word.
"Don't you grunt at me like that. You and I both know you might lose your temper-" The woman stated before Gwi cut her off "I do NOT have a temper" He hissed loudly from the kitchen "Yeah whatever you say" the woman shook her head and knocked on the bedroom door where Haru was located. "Sweet pea, would you mind letting me in? Don't worry, Gwi is in the kitchen so he won't come in here" Haru froze and sniffed quietly, hesitantly opening the door. The woman smiled softly at her, walking in and shutting the door behind her. Can you tell me your name sweetie?" The woman gently laid her hand on haru's arm, reassuring her that she was safe. "Haru..Kim Haru" Haru murmured and looked up at the woman, curiosity filling her eyes "What's your name?" The woman smiled 'She's the cutest little human. My word, she has sung yeols eyes' "My name is Soo Hyang" she replied, sitting on the bed and patting the spot beside her, asking Haru to sit. Haru sat next to her, not feeling so scared anymore. "You know, you look just like your father" Soo Hyang told her with a small smile. Haru sat up quickly and looked at her, listening closely "You have his eyes but you also have your mothers smile and nose" She smiled at the small girl "I know you're probably feeling betrayed and lied to, but they only did what was best for you.." Haru wiped her cheeks and murmured "What do you mean?" She glanced up at Soo Hyang "Vampires took over the city and they wanted to keep you safe. And the only way to do that was to hide you and put you to sleep. Somewhere those nasty vampires couldn't find you" "Well...It seems to me like it was someone or something that triggered you awake" Soo Hyang hummed and tapped her chin. "Do you know who may have woke me up?" Haru furrowed her eyebrows "How old were you when you woke up?" She asked, looking at Haru "10 I that was 10 years ago" Haru replied "What does that have to do with anything?" Soo Hyang gasped "Oh my..No wonder Gwi is so attracted to your blood.." She looked up at Haru and smiled "When Gwi came back from the dead, it seems like you automatically woke up along with him" Haru widened her eyes "What do you mean?" She gulped, waiting for the older woman to answer Soo Hyang smiled and gently held her hand "This only happens once in a blue moon, but it seems that you and Gwi are soul mates somehow" --------
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