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Lmao kingdom hearts is my childhood
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@DesiphirXIII I went thru 2 controllers and 5 cds
@YumiMiyazaki I would get mad but not enough to break the disc. I did consider breaking the disc tho.
@DesiphirXIII Lol, it was definitely a low point in my life. I was tired of losing, tired of the unskipable scenes, tired in general. I REALLY wanted to win. I was at Hercules stadium trying to win Save the Queen Save the King.
@YumiMiyazaki Sadly I feel your pain because when I had to fight the Lingering Will after trying for about half a month I just gave up. But then I fought him again, beat him, and never fought him again.
@ScottKlosterman the completionist did an episode on kh2 and had said that sephiroth fight was easy peasy compared to the first game. just be glad u don't have to get every single achievement like the completionist does with every game 馃槩