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Days of Marvel #14-21

Day # 14 I can't say one villain. I love all of them. Day# 15 Kingdom Hearts. It would be awesome . Day #16 IM SORRY TONY I LOVE YOU But I'm Team Cap! Day #17 I loved that movie. It was really good not bad. Day #18 I think Deadpool is Gryffindor. Not the biggest fan of Harry Potter sorry! Day #19 The Avengers and Deadpool. Day # 20 My hobbies are music, drawing, reading , obssesing with videi games, more drawing , anime , reading, writing , WWE, and drawing. Day #21 I have no clue. ~~~~~~~ I have so many projects and I feel that I'm going insane. Spare me
Yaaaay! @shannonl5
Haha it's all good! I can def see Deadpool in Griffindor
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