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She was the sun.

She was hoping that maybe someday he could be the moon, but he preferred to be the clouds on a gloomy day. Shielding her, but later producing a down pour that caused her to fully disappear. It's hard for the sun to make the diligent decision to come back out and shine for others on a daily basis when the one thing she got close to let her down. Instead of holding a grudge and harboring hurt, the sun learned to turn her hurt to happiness.
It sounds difficult, but when you love yourself enough despite the hurt -- that moon you were praying for will eventually come and join you. We should all be like the sun and focus on the happiness not the hurt. If you want to be more like the sun despite the hurt you've endured in the past or happen to be currently enduring, keep scrolling to see just how easy it is to put the hurt away and embrace happiness.

You Don't Have To Forget, But You Must Forgive

Before you do anything else, forgiveness is key. Whatever the situation may be. Holding a grudge or harboring the pain will never allow you to move on in a positive manner.

Figure Out Where Things Went Wrong

Figuring out where things may have went wrong will allow you to prevent this situation from happening in the future.

Get Out And Do What You Enjoy

Sitting around sulking all day won't bring you out of your funk. Get out and enjoy yourself. It probably sounds easier said than done, but baby steps. You'll appreciate it later on down the road.

Remember That It's A Journey

It's all a journey at the end of the day. Nothing happens over night. You will have those days where you wish things were back to how they once were, but remember that this is your personal journey and you are more than a conqueror. You got this.

Crack A Smile

Sounds tough? Just give it a try and make it a habit. The more you try to smile, the more you will remember what smiling felt like. Appreciate the authenticity of smile while you can. Kick that hurt to the curb.
You'll have your days.
You must realize that, but it will be so worth it.

How do you turn your hurt to happiness?

@nicolejb wow do I relate to that!!! I tend to be a late night ruminator on everything negative, where and how I failed, over analyzing and way to much time in my own head. My counselor gave me a great visual that sometimes helps me out. Ruminating is a term used with cows. When they are chewing their own gross regurgitated cud its called ruminating which is an appropriate visual for what I can get into which is focusing on all my negatives, failures, etc. My Cuds of life if you will and I go over and over them reinforcing and only ruminating on the negatives. I don't typically like to act like a 馃惍 so cuz she burned this image into my brain its hard not to see it at those times. I think you all are awesome @EasternShell @jordanhamilton @nicolejb !!!! Lets leave the cud chewing to the cows!!! lol
I appreciate this card :) @jordanhamilton
I'm going through a phase where I have to remind myself that not everything is in my control. Sometimes I get stuck in the "this person doesn't like me and it's my fault." or "things didn't work out because I'm not good enough." but being able to know the difference between what I am in control of and what I'm not in control of has been really freeing for me! Forgive myself, and don't forget what I learned :)
they probably are! trying to figure out their next move...or meal haha @buddyesd
they always look like they deep in thought
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