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Impress your date with a surprise adventure!

When my dates plan something for us to do completely on their own, I never fail to be impressed. Planning stuff is hard!! When somebody puts in the effort to put together a little surprise adventure, I know for sure they care about me.
Even when things don't go exactly according to plan. That's all part of the fun, isn't it? Get swept along by the moment, take the spontaneous fun as it comes, and solve any problems that come up together! Now that's a relationship building exercise. :)

What You'll Need:

A means of transportation (a car, your own two feet, etc.)
A destination (near or far!)
A couple activities in mind
A tiny bit of preparation (a little goes a long way!)
First, pick where you're going and how you're going to get there. The trip is half the fun, so consider putting together a playlist for the drive, or picking up some road trip snacks (candy is always good)!
IDEAS FOR PLACES TO GO: a beautiful nature spot for a hike; an interesting museum or educational activity; a famous or fancy restaurant for their favorite food; a specialty shop, like a record store or Korean food market; a fair; a concert; a film festival; a nearby big city, just for the heck of it.
Next, think up a few things to do together – along the way or while you're there. Just going and being spontaneous is sometimes enough, but having a few ideas in your back pocket never hurts! Besides the main attraction of whatever destination you're going to, consider trying out something like the following.
ACTIVITY IDEAS: bring a blanket and food and have a picnic; explore beautiful natural scenery or chart out a scenic walk; bring a camera and take photos of each other (bonus points for film!); make a list of things you think you'll see and have a contest to see who can spot them first; sing along to your favorite music; pick a great restaurant to have lunch at; pop into a few interesting shops; stop for coffee, cupcakes, tea, etc.; find a quirky bookshop to explore; visit with friends who live nearby; bring a sketchbook and doodle or make art together.
Finally, surprise your date and have a ton of fun together! Make sure they have the whole day free before you whisk them away. Don't forget your phone or GPS charger, so you don't get stranded. A water bottle or two and some emergency snacks are a good idea too!
Give them the amount of notice you think they'd appreciate. You can tell them in advance you have a surprise trip planned for you two and not tell them what it is; that builds anticipation. Or plan to hang out, then say plans have changed and you two are embarking on an unknown adventure! :D
Remember, don't worry if everything doesn't go according to plan – the stories and memories that arise from spontaneity and snags along the way are often the most fun parts of adventures! So let life happen. :)

Have an awesome romantic surprise date, Lovebugs!

That sound freaking awesome @RafaelRese18!! My partners are usually that way too, and I try my best to be crazy spontaneous, I think traveling to a different place help a lot!
I love how you can also have some thing planned and still be spontaneous.:) like have a bit of a structure, but fill in things as things come up!! my favorite type of date honestly
I'm very spontaneous when it comes to dates, I'll make a random date because I saw something on tv or I felt like getting a coke and turned it to traveling to Houston for it and surprise my date by doing that and of course I plan ahead but I love a little mystery, I usually tell her to pack some things, we'll be gone for a couple of hours.
Good suggestions! Thanks
That's the best @RafaelRese18. I love when the little joys in life turn into larger adventures :)
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