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Actress Park Min Young has been chosen as a model for a Korean cosmetic brand A’Pieu. A’Pieu is a brand that is popular among young women from teenage age to early twenties. Park is expected to strengthen the image of A’Pieu’s ‘innocence of the twenties.’ During the commercial shoot for the brand, Park showed off her white and clear skin in nature. She captivated the viewers by showing off her pure and elegant charms. A publicist of A’Pieu reveals, “Unlike her young age, Park Min Young stood out among others with her stable and talented acting skills. Especially, she has a pure and innocent image as well as modern and trendy charms. I believe that her image will appeal the concept of our brand more to the public.” Currently, Park plays a double role on Dr. Jin that aired its first episode on May 26, and 27. Source: Xportsnews Translated by
shes so beatiful!!!
she's gorgeous..and very much deserving.