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It has been two weeks since going vegetarian for Lent. I would like to note I was vegetarian a little longer than that, but Lent was the official day for my diet change.
This past weekend I was at a house party and I had causally mentioned I couldn't eat the ham because I am currently eating vegetarian. One of the loud-mouth idiots who I've had less-than-entertaining conversations with decided to make me a little upset.
"Why are you vegetarian?"
"For Lent. And I do I have some ethical concerns as well, so I have been eating a little less meat before Lent."
"That's kind of stupid."
"What kind of ethical reasons?"
"The environmental issues involved with the meat industry. The over-consumption of meat. The poor conditions for animals..."
"Yeah, that doesn't make any sense. That's stupid."
I rolled my eyes and in a tequila buzz, spat "okay. I am not having this conversation anymore. It's like the Donald Trump bullshit you brought up not so long ago." (He's a Trump supporter)
I've had some slightly disrespectful comments about my new diet. Not by many people, but a few to make me notice. It does sort of remind me when I went from eating fast food everyday, to making healthier choices -- for some reason a lot of people were pretty rude about it.
But then I thought about it.
At one point of my life, I used to be an asshole. I used to make snarky little comment about the vegetarian diet. This was years ago...before I knew about the meat industry. Before I knew about the piss-poor conditions of animals. Before I knew about how we're strangling earth and choking her harmony and health.
Do I still enjoy the smell and taste of meat? Of course. But I don't NEED to eat meat.
I was asked the other day if I will stick to a vegetarian diet after Lent. I can't say for sure. It's not just a decision that affects a portion of my life, it's my whole life. I don't want to say "yes, for sure!" and be unrealistic about how difficult that lifestyle change might be. What if I fuck up and have a shrimp? Do I lose my vegetarian card? Will I feel like I've totally let myself and other people down?
I could definitely see myself doing mostly vegetarian and having shellfish sometimes. I believe that's reasonable, at least for now. I've done something like that before, and it was doable. By the way, the reason why I'd do shellfish is because I am considering the health benefits in seafood, and because I need the iron in shellfish. My anemia was pretty bad even when I was eating meat.
I do want to admit that I don't know everything. I am not a guru on vegetarianism and the lengthy list of ethical issues in the food industry in general. But, I think I am making a good choice.

Here's some foods I have had in the past week:

Falafel. These things are so good I can eat them all the time.
This is an egg white scramble with bell peppers, onions, and Tofurky. I also have a side of garlic naan bread and tomatoes.
This is a better photo of the vegan dinner we had for Valentine's Day. All of it was amazing.

New Foods I've Tried:

I have tried tofu bacon and it's OKAY. I don't think I'd buy it again, honestly. Also the Tofurky is okay. I think it is tolerable with a mix of other foods and vegetables. It does taste a little it weird on its own. So far, I gotta say that the Morning Star crumbles and the 'chkn' products from both Boca and Morning Star are AWESOME.
By the way, make sure to check out my collection and follow my vegetarian journey: Kinda Vegetarian, Totally Latina.
@buddyesd ahhh you're so sweet! Thank you so much. That truly made my day. And I am definitely happy and grateful that I have a community of supporters on here!
@shannonl5 I agree we all know our own body and its needs and if able we make our own choices.
Im so happy for you. I too started eating healthy and your right some people are rude about it. like the other day someone was like dont offered her anything she going to reject it anyways because its not healthy ooooo... so yeah its been hard especiales when all latinos Im around eat rice all day and tortillas and I cant have that often.
@nicolejb it was so good!!! i have also been making my own pizzas but they've been vegetarian (not so hard to make haha) ....but I think I am going to try out making some vegan pizzas!!!!
That vegan pizza lots BOMB. seriously. I need to make that.
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