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We live in a society where saving is uncommon.

Trust me, I've lived that life. Living in one of the biggest cities in the world and walking the streets full of shops and vendors, it's sometimes hard to resist temptation and not spend money. When the bag you're carrying costs more than the amount of money you have in your wallet, it's time to reevaluate your decisions.
As difficult as saving money may sound, it's extremely beneficial and later on down the road you will appreciate the fact that you put that money to the side instead of spending it on something you could do without. With that being said, we are always down for a challenge -- especially when it happens to be curated by POPSUGAR. Beginning next week, I'm starting the 30-Day Spend Hiatus and would love for anyone capable of saving to join in with me. Don't worry, we can struggle together. If you're down for a brief 4 week hiatus, keep scrolling and see the few guidelines below.

Do you have the strength to go cold turkey?

i DON'T know that I can abide by this challenge. LOL I already don't spend a lot of money. My sights are on big ticket the tune of $16000.
omg I wouldn't survive . I rarely go home because I go to work straight from school so eating out isn't an option.
spirulina is DISGUSTING. but it's incredible
@marshalledgar Did I mention I have many many allergies? Wouldn't you know it you just happened to mention 2 other allergies I struggle greatly suffering from (spiryucka and apple icky vile stuff) 😧
Well that's even better! Lol I will soon be joining you @primodiva93
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