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You've heard the song before.

'Going to the chapel and we're going to get married...', if you haven't -- well, it's commons sense. The church is the most common place for two people to come together as one in marriage. As traditional as it may be, the church is not the only place that a wedding can take place.
Matter fact, there are some pretty amazing places that people decide to get married that probably haven't even crossed your mind. I know you're itching to find out what these places might be. Keep scrolling to see for yourself and maybe you will find the perfect wacky wedding destination for your future festivities as well.

Wedding Venue #1: Public Library Wedding

Wedding Venue #2: Aquarium Wedding

Wedding Venue #3: Art Museum Wedding

Wedding Venue #4: Zoo Wedding

What do you think of these wedding venues?

Would you go the untraditional route?
@nicolejb I just made a card check it out its in jazziejazz collection.
in San Antonio on the river walk there's a small island with a big tree that people sometimes get married under
I like the library and museum one
I think they all interesting 馃憤
these are great!! my sister got married at an antique car museum. everyone loved it
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