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Thank you for accompanying me even before my debut, I have always felt that I have not shown much to you guys, there's so many things I want and thought of doing but they have not been achieved, so in the future I want to bring more surprises for you guys, Mibar happy 8th anniversary [cake] //in reply to Mibar congratulating them on their 8th anniversary: @周觅吧: 【Gift】#Mi Bar 8th Anniversary#First wave! May 24th 2005-May 24th 2013, thank you all Zhoumi fans for supporting Mibar these 8 years, there is Mibar's warmth today omly because of you guy. Zhoumi is Mibar's big sun, and you all are Mibar's small sun. Fanmade Mibar's 8th anniversary video by @顾清秋 We are looking forward to him showing more sides of himself in the future. @周觅_SJM Fighting!