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When it comes to comics, what matters more?

Sure, a good writer is necessary for a gripping story, but if the art is no good it can be completely distracting. Ideally you'd want someone talented working in both departments, but what if you had to choose? Would bad art make you quit reading a good story? Would you be willing to read something boring if the art was gorgeous? How do you decide?
I believe that I could read a comic with bad art as long as the story was interesting but for a really good comic the art and writing have to be fabulous. It's like PB&J, it just has to go and with out it it's like blah. I tried to describe my words the best way I could lol.
Comics are the eye-opener and hook for the reader. Once they understand the art, then the writing will be a secondary form of bringing the audience back for more.
@SarahRegulski I think that's a pretty apt description!
I think a comic should have good writing and good art. As the op said, if One aspect of it sucks, and the other aspect is good, the sucky part can distract from the good.