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Exo-L's Get a Bad Rap

Okay now that my excitement about Exo'lution has died down I feel the need to mention an incident that occurred outside on the ticket line. I was going to put this as a note in my previous rundown of the concert but I feel like it deserves its own card. Let me preface this by saying, for the longest time I couldn't get into EXO because of their fanbase. Exo-Ls are (unfortunately) well known throughout Kpopland as being unforgivingly rude and obnoxious, borderline obsessive. I couldn't get really get into the group because of all the fan wars and controversy they started. To be honest, after what happened at Vancouver, I started to feel really anxious about my decision to go to this concert, let alone be in pit.
Anyway, I got to the venue at about 1:30ish and I wandered around (I had a lot of time to kill, or so I thought) meeting other EXO fans. Let me just tell you, these are the nicest freaking people I've ever met in my life. No one I met was snobby (except this one Korean girl but I think that's because I called her pretty informally but that's for another card), and everyone was accepting and EXCEPTIONALLY well behaved. There were a lot of parents with their under aged kids and I didn't hear one complaint. NOT ONE. I met one Korean lady who traveled from Texas (she couldn't make the Dallas concert) and she was like 34 but she gushed about Chanyeol as if she was 14. It was so cute lmao. I let her borrow my charger and she looked as if she were going to cry. It's so crazy how Kpop brings different walks of life so close man wow it was a humbling experience.
Um so anyway the way MMT organized us sucked. I appreciate all their hard work but it was really a mess. Idk how it was for seated but they took Pit and organized us by section (GA0, GA1....etc) I was in section GA3. Then at around 4:30 they announced they were going to also organize us by Row. Mind you, we were supposed to enter at 5:30 and the concert was supposed to start at 6:30. They came around and labeled our hands as our tickets described. So now we all had to shuffle and reorganize ourselves. My ticket was GA3 Row 0. I was in the back of GA3 (because I'd wandered for so long). People noticed my number and started like panicking for me saying that I had to head to the front of the line but I was so confused. One lady told me just to show my hand as I moved up and I should be ok. I expected to get yelled at. I started pushing past people and I didn't get one dirty look. In fact, everyone I made eye contact me stopped me to find out where my row was and PUSHED ME FORWARD to get to the front of the line. Everyone was so concerned to get me to where I needed to be (let me remind you this is the pit, we were eventually going to be moved around anyway so none of this was necessary). Eventually I made it to the middle of GA2 somehow? A group of fans saw me and they were like forget it just stay here lol. Everyone was SO NICE. I can't stress this enough!!! When we finally entered (alSO a mess) we waited until like I think 7 for the concert to start. There was a girl in front of me (she had like a perfect spot right at the very front of the pit) and I guess she got really sick and had to be removed. Everyone immediately stepped to the side and made a path and let her through and someone even offered her water from her own bottle. The compassion and camaraderie I saw that night was literally second to none. I guess what I'm trying to say we were all just fans there for the same reason. To see EXO. Nothing else mattered. That night, we really were one. Yes, there was pushing and shoving. It's a concert and it was to be expected. But the positives (to me) outweighed the negatives. Please take time to remember before you criticize an entire fandom that it's usually the few, not the majority that ruin it for everyone. I'm rambling but I really needed to get that off my chest.

I'm not EXO-L but I felt the love. I love you all. μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄μš”β€οΈ~

thats good to hear. i know we all have heard about EXO-L's. but like you said we can't just label the entire fandom. yea there are those crazy obsessed fans, but we aren't all like that!!! im glad you had an amazing night... and im happy that kpop brings us all closer, and lets us enjoy the things that makes us fangirls/fanboys over
yes everybody was so great I ask ppl for help a few times because I was confused and everybody was really sweet πŸ‘πŸ˜„ I had a great time never criticize a whole fandom for sm rude ppl I am a proud exo L πŸ‘Œβ€β€πŸ˜˜
TBH, I think the International Fanbase is more well behaved than the ones in Korea because most of the international fanbase knows that them preforming in their country is very rare (especially if you like in South America, Central America, or North America) so those fans feel we need to show a good first impression. The ones I think are out of control are the ones based in Korea because they have more opportunities to mess with them and bother them. Many people just have a problem with EXO-Ls in South Korea. Thats why some call the international fans Exotics instead of EXO-Ls because they are afraid that if the Korean crazy fangirls do something wrong, it will back fire on all the fans. But yoy are right, their are nice EXO-Ls but I wish their number was more than the number of crazy EXO-Ls
I'm so happy you had a great time! The Chicago concert I went to was amazing. I can't believe it actually happened. Literally a night i'll never forget
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