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Urban Decay's 20th Anniversary Blockbuster Vault Launches

Time flies when you're doing a cut crease.

It's Urban Decay's twentieth anniversary which means of course, they have something up their sleeve. For all you makeup junkies [especially if you happen to be into eyeshadows] your favorite makeup brand has released a set of shadows and liners the size of a pizza box. Yes, it's literally that big. The UD XX Vault: 20 Years of Beauty With an Edge consists of 20 shadows and 20 liners both new and old.
Before I reveal the price, brace yourself. It's pretty pricey, but a goodly amount of these eyeshadows have been discontinued long ago -- so, if you think about it, you're actually making a profit. The vault will run you a good $375 and yes, you read that correctly. Reoccurring shadows and highlights such as: lucky, crash and road stripe [a favorite from the 90's] will be making it's way into the fault. The set launches today so get your coins ready and your brushes washed because it's about to go down.

Would you invest in this anniversary vault?

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ouch that price hurt but def has many pieces to it.
2 years ago·Reply
definitely a hurtful price! lol someone has to be a HUGE fan to invest in this @stephosorio
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