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So I was listening to the song that got me hooked on kpop earlier and I started thinking what song stuck out to you the most and drew you into kpop.
For me it was Vixx - Hyde I discovered it right after it came out in 2013 while I was looking for Jpop. Shortly after discovering Vixx I found many other groups so I was already way too far in at that point.
Of course I knew about kpop back in 2012 when Oppa gangnam style came out and took the world by Storm, but it wasn't until I discovered Vixx that I fell into kpop.
Vixx, Infinite, Got7, Ikon, and Block b are a few of my favorite groups since well crash landing into kpop land where there are no exits or escapes not that I want one, but that's not the point.
So what's the song that started it all for you?
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Well me uh long story short it was 5 am I couldn't sleep serf the tv channels trying to find some Asian drama (I have always like Chinese-drama- Japan -anime- Korean shows since I was young I would literally sit on the floor in front of the Tv watching it not knowing wtf their Say lol) I stumbled on to this show called After school club they played a MV of high4 daybyday that song got my attention so I wanted to hear the full song their was a video by side it on YouTube it was GD one of a kinda I fell instantly in love with him but it when I heard the song Fantastic baby by Bigbang I got hook an went in full on out video after video that happen around the ending but close to the beginning of 2015 😊😊😊 so high4 Bigbang and BTS where's literally the three groups that got me hooked
That very same night no joke
For me the first video I saw was Got7 stop it, stop it but it was BigBang fantastic baby that got me into k-pop. After that I listened to more of their songs followed by 2pm, Got7, Exo, and Mamamoo. Of course now I have listened to a little bit more of other groups.
I was looking for new music online cuz I was bored and I remembered that someone told me that the guy who plays in speed racer was a Singer...oh crap when I saw Rain doing a belly roll to a slow song I had to know more about him and it wasn't official until an hour later when I found Beast in that long drama mv for Beautiful. I had to see more of them and soon I wanted to know names and I was showing my sister and my brother and I was on the family computer crying as I was reading the lyrics to Fiction....this was all in one day I think. so there my long story. haha I spent a month on Beast and no other group has taken their place.