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A hilarious audience member showed up at one of Ted Cruz's rallies this week and started a huge internet conspiracy theory. The rally poster said, "I went to a Ted Cruz rally and demanded answers. #CruzisKevin"

Is Ted Cruz actaully Kevin (the muck we all know and love from the "Office")?

Let's break it down, shall we.

The are both men.

They work in an office.

They look the SAME

The both wear ties!!

All signs point to --- YES.

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Ted Cruz is just as bad as Trump, if not worse. I hate him. hahahahahah that being said, I hope they're the same person and we're getting punked by his existence.
Conservative and schmucks, no one really likes Ted/Kevin anyway ;) @TessStevens maybe that's why I like this funny conspiracy theory anyway! @missophiestik!!! sick!! next step: more photo analysis of the two ;)
@missophiestik @nicolejb I'm ready to join the conspiracy :D
You can be the one that follows "them" around to see if they ever are in the same room!! @shannonl5
LMAO @missophiestik that made me laugh out loud.