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Hi guys! In my last post I showed you my DIY Hellsing phone case, so today I'm making a tutorial on how to make your own phone case. With this method your phone case options will be limitless! The supplies you need are: Clear phone case - I found mine very cheap online Paper/Clear plastic for the background Scissors Box cutter Glue Pen or pencil Access to a printer
Step 1 is to trace your phone on the back of paper or plastic if you want your phone to be visible through the case
Next, cut out what you traced and place it in your case. You may need to trim the paper for the best fit.
Then you want to trace out any holes in your phone case. Make sure you press your finger against the paper so you know you're going to have it traced properly.
Using your box cutter, cut out the holes.
Print and cut out any designs you want. I chose to make this a pusheen case. Note: If you use any larger images, make sure they're not wider than your paper.
Glue on your shapes, snap it into your clear case and you're done! Have fun with this super easy craft!
cover oops
i love ur hellsing phone covet.