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This form is with @bbyitskatie card {here} (Everything is on here if you don't know what's going on) if you're interested in applying for the following positions; 1. Writers 2. Social Media Event Organizers 3. Social Media UPDATERS 4. The Reporters 5. The Translators 6. The Responder 7. Music Organizer & Finder 8. The Planner


Position; (What position are you taking?) Why are you taking this position? Name; Stage name; Birthday/Age; Hobbies; (What do you like to do for fun?) Time zone; Where do you live? ~ Who's your favorite band/artist? (You can name a lot of them) What's your favorite song? What Are your hobbies? (What do you do for fun?) What do you do on vingle? (Post cards; About what? How much do you post?) Do you work or go to school? During this time, will you be able to post? If so, how many times? ~ What is your kakao account? Why should we choose you? What do you think about this idea? (You don't have to answer, but it'll give you more points) Will you post constantly at the same time? (For example; I will post everyday at 5 pm or I will work every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) Do you have any type of experience on the position that you're applying for? Anything you would like to say to the owners?
Ok so I read through the other card and this seems like a fairly demanding work load. Sadly as a student I doubt I have the time to contribute but I'll make sure to support you guys!!! Oh but maybe I'll submit an application as translator 😊 I'm not the best but I can do most of it.
I really want to apply, but there's no reason for it. I'm just a lazy potato that wants to be a part of something 😂
@bbyitskatie I'll probably make a card
Lol I just noticed the bottom part of it kekeke ~ I didn't see that earlier thanks for clarifying @amobigbang ㅋㅋ
Hello! I was wondering if confirmation emails that you received applications would be sent out? thanks!
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