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Kpop dream concert
Do I was tagged to do this by the beautiful @AubriePope thank you <3 original card by @Katiems Challenge: Create your own dream Kpop concert taking some of your bias' and putting them together on stage for a concert! Explain why you chose who you chose & what they will do at the concert! ^^ RULES: 1: Choose 6 Kpop idols & explain why you chose them 2: What kind of performances will these 6 idols do at the concert? solos, duets, dancing, singing, etc. 3: tag me & other fellow Kpop Vingle Family! ^^
Ikon's June my ultimate bias, I choose him because his voice and we'll everything else about him. June would do a duet with Jinhwan along with dancing solo.
Ikon's Jinhwan is my second ultimate bias just like June I choose him because his voice and we'll because he is himself. I would die after they perform together not only are they both amazing vocals they can dance awesome as well. Jinhwan would also dance solo.
What would a concert be without Markson! Unlike June and Jinhwan Mark and Jackson would only perform together doing some super crazy dancing/tumbling.
Infinite's Woohyun I picked him because of once again his voice. He would do a solo stage singing super lovey songs melting everything.
I was torn between Yunhyeong or Donghyuk but in the end I picked Donghyuk because I want to hear him play the piano while singing a super sad song.
So there you have it that would be my perfect kpop concert I doubt I would be alive afterwards, what would your dream concert look like.
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it will look like a awesome concert and I agree with you on woohyun and donghyuk
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A Lil bit of GD and TOP added to the mix and voila my slice of heaven
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