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I LOVE it ^_^ its... its... soooo oooooh beautiful hahah this is my second statue/Figure of luffy I have another one I just haven't posted it up yet :O but I will soon tho ;) so stay tune! @poojas @RoronoaLuffy @hikaymm @shannonl5 @InVinsybll @arnelli @LuffyNewman @AmandaJason @MadLikeHatter @pkmngmlcmlulu @cindystran
he's on FIRE lol
My boy deserves a photo shoot LOL ^_^
The camera loves you!!!!!! looks amazing and not a bad price, another reason why I love it so much!! Hahaha
So happy for you! Ps what kind of camera did you use those shots look great!
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@shannonl5 awww thank you ^_^ its my phone camera 馃槷 I have a android they look nice huh ^.^
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duuuude this figure is bad ass! I'm super jelly
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@MoisEsGaray good to know :D
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yo! dat looks epic! I'm jelly too
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