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Let's talk beards.

You know my heart when it comes to beards. Enough said. Buzzfeed grabbed a handful of hairless men and put them up to a challenge -- a hairy challenge that is. These men had the opportunity to wear a fake beard for the day and their reactions were nothing short of hilarious.
Beards rock that's no secret, but unfortunately not all of the guys felt the same way. Keep scrolling to see how things go when three men get a 'beard-over' for one full day.

Fellas, If you could grow a beard, would you?

Ladies, are you down with the beard gang?
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haha, I've heard a lot of women say they don't like how beards feel against their face @Animaniafreak def understandble
@arnelli I hope I was just hella inspirational right now.
@danidee meh no hair growing
@arnelli DAMMIT.
@danidee so sad