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We all know I love writing cards about collectibles and how pretty they'd look on my desk at work (if I had a desk at work or if I had a place to work). That being said, let's just get through all the things on the "Paul writes about a collectible he can't afford" check list.
-- Reiteration of the title: It's beautiful.
-- Empty compliment of design: It's awesome that they went with the Pink/Black color scheme.
-- Name of company that made this: Pop Culture Shock Toys
-- Name drop of someone I "work" with: You suck Steve.
-- Terribly sad thing about working in an office: If I had this hot pink collectible on my desk, I'd at least have something colorful to look at in this grey office space.
-- Another depressing thing about how I don't trust anyone: Everyone says they think it's cool that I want to collect these things. But 7 short months later, I'm back to being called a child.
-- Link to toy: Here, you punks.
-- Droid Corp thing: I hate humans.
-- Sentence about price: If you have 400 dollars to blow, you should totally pick this up.
-- Sense of humor: Because if you get this, it'll definitely impress all the office animals that line the cubicles of your office.
-- Angry, honest sentiment: But really, it doesn't matter whether you get this or not. Because it won't help you realize that you probably should've pursued your passion instead of some mindless job that makes you feel like you're dead inside. But you don't know any other life. Everything else is too hard or at least it feels that way. And the only thing that helps are ridiculous articles on the Internet that may or may not help increase your productivity or tell you what your passion is because somehow you are so lost you don't even know who the fuck you are without the help of some blog.
-- End of card: You can see the full figure below.
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Only half as expensive as the HTC Vive...what a steal!