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Fellow Vinglers, I just have to say if you ever get the chance to see EXO in concert...do it. OMGosh, I have never seen such energy. Those guys put on one heck of a show from start to finish.
My daughter and I will have this memory to share forever. We were on the road 20 hours for the trip there and back leaving early Sunday morning and returning Monday. Exhausted but thrilled with the trip we shared. We even visited Chinatown while in New York.
At the concert, it was sort of funny because you could tell that some mothers were just accompanying their kids and some were into the group as well. I met one mom that not only brought her child, but she also brought her child's friend and the neighbor's child.
I wish they had concerts in places like the Expo center in Columbus, Ohio. Driving in New York for this country bumpkin was a nightmare.
I have yet to get my mother into kpop. your daughter is super lucky. o(╯□╰)o
@JackieMurrayCab I can only imagine, if I want to see a concert, on the off chance that a Kpop group is actually coming to Australia I have to drive halfway across the whole country...or pay ridiculous air fare fees. No one ever comes to my city when they come here on a tour :/
I totally agree ! My Daughter and I also went to see them in Dallas 😊
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