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It's about time everyone hopped on the brow train.

From pencils to powders and gel, there is literally something for everybody to enhance their brow game. Everyone's favorite, affordable cosmetic brand MAC Cosmetics is officially releasing a line of brow products called Brows Are It! This line launches March 3rd, so you have a little less than two weeks to get your coins together. The collection of products consists of a total of eight products, including brushes, powder duos, and three different pencils all ranging in different shades.
MAC reached out to brow guru and former MAC artist, Damone Roberts for a bit of insight when it comes to perfecting your brows. The main tip he focused on was making sure you focus on your roots when trying to find the perfect shade for your brows. Ladies, take notes. As women, we take pride in our brows. Whether you have naturally full brows or you fill yours in here and there -- there's something in this collection for everyone. Stay Tuned.

Will you be investing in your brows?

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yeah blocky brows aren't cute, the more natural looking the better. but brow gel is always a plus! @TessStevens
This is exciting! Over the years, my brows have just stopped growing. So I have been using 2 different colored pencils for them- just trying to make them look more natural. It's a really hard task with pencils! I used to use powder when they weren't so thin, and it looked great. I'm in the market for something to make them look more full, without the obvious pencil look. Hopefully they'll have something I'm looking for! I like MAC make-up, especially because, (in my experience), you get professional grade make-up without that professional grade price tag! I need to save up for one of these products, and some new eyeliner. I love the little stiff brush that came with my eyeliner I got as a gift a few years ago.
Yes! I'm in the same boat. My eyebrows grow, but they are extremely thin. I'm looking forward to trying these products out as well. Anastasia Beverly Hills has great brow products as well at Sephora @TurtleyTurtles
I'll have to do some research on some brow products. @jordanhamilton The peel off stuff really makes sense, since it stays on for a while, and I wouldn't have to worry about my eyebrows coming off! I always have to tell my daughter not to play with my them, or she'll have eyebrows all over her. Lol.
LOL! definitely a good tip to tell your daughter, but I agree I think the peel off tint probably works great. these products might work just as well though @TurtleyTurtles but if you're looking for a time effective product then the peel off tint would probably be the one for you.