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Sunday, Thursday or no day. I'll binge watch anime whenever the time is there. I always try to make time to binge when there is a good anime to watch!! Watch out Tuesday binge, off work early and here I come!! Haha. Anime is life!!
I need to find time for a one piece binge and get caught uuuup
@InVinsybll yes you do NAKAMA!! What epi are you currently on? I have to watch Sunday's episode and then I'm caught up but I'll watch that once I'm done with my current binge of 3 seasons of Senki zesshou. Started it Sunday and almost done with 3rd season so I'll be watching OP soon. We need to have another weekend binge session as well I enjoyed the last one. Hadn't seen season 1 Noragami in a little while. And there are tons of newer or just finish winter 2915 12-13 episode animes to watch for a binge NAKAMA!!