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You guys...I showed these picture to people at my clinical today and they asked if he was my boyfriend and where I met him.
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Dam!!! Well then I would say a specific date on a weekend and if they still didn't believe me then I would be like some time in the future when he makes a trip down here and we get to know each other a little better I'll present him to you guys. @jenxchan & that day never comes 銋犮厾 lol
the best part of that is unfortunately that the day never comes. @MadAndrea
I'm suprised that I haven't been in this position before, I've shown really close coworkers my biases but then again they all know I'm a kpop addict.... 馃槀馃槀
You should have told them he is your boyfriend and came up with a really awesome alter ego/life for yourself.
@xroyalreisx this is my favorites 馃榿