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Yes, this is true! That's why I have a tight squad of guys I play with and if something random happens in public chat, I don't even have to say anything lol. I love my live crew, I be back with them with The Division! Funny story side bar: this jealous girlfriend when under my old friends gamer tag (old friend because he was talking too much about sawed of shot guns) and the girl decided to write me a 4 page letter about not playing Gears or Left 4 Dead 2 with her boyfriend because he is having too much fun doing it. My answer.. Delete. I don't have time for jealous girl friends. Get a gosh darn grip! @poojas @paulisadroid @InVinsybll @BeannachtOraibh And the rest of the Vingle community
lmaaooo if my gf got jealous that I was having fun playing video games with a girl, I'd have to swerve that girlfriend.
I love your response to her message lol. I think it reflects more on her/their insecure relationship than anything.