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Equivalent exchange in any form is equivalent exchange. Remember, one is all and all is one!! We are who we choose to be in life. If somebody does something different than you, than just do something different than them. Equivalent exchange without any exchange. Love is love!! And.... Anime is life!!
I agree, my mom is yuri
@ToniEliseHolden @isssc1100 I'm not either one I'm strait I just believe in equal rights for all living beings. Like @InVinsybll love is love. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Is someone wrong bc they love their dog or cat with true love and care? I just think all should be equal and fair in life. Who is anyone to say what others can do. Everyone should be allowed to make their own choices and not told by anyone or anything what they should and should not do when it comes to something as beautiful and peaceful as love. I just think it's all ok. I don't read or watch yuri or yaoi at all but I just liked this pic bc I think there is no problem. People fighting against it when it doesn't effect them are the only problems. Let's all right together and love one another. NAKAMA for life!! For everyone!!
yassss! love is love is love, no matter what!
Ik I'm just pointing that out reaction-(; ̄ェ ̄)"Oh......umm ok then...
@stefanKnisley on the topic of the bible it says "all men are liars" who wrote the book MEN and even then it was thousands of years and took translation to get to where it is now...
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