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Some people are just born with skills that make them able to interact with animals that are incredibly dangerous on a level that most people can't. Jim Campbell-Spickler has those skills.

Meet Jim, the eagle whisperer.

Jim is a wildlife biologist that climbs up to eagles' nests. He then captures the small chicks and checks their blood for toxins. Just imagine all of this with the mother and father eagles that have massive talons. It could get pretty dangerous pretty quickly. But, Jim does it will skill and makes it back down to the ground without any injuries. He risks it all to make sure the eagles are healthy.
Watch this awesome video that gives you a glimpse at what Jim does and how much he risks just to make sure that eagles are healthy.

Some people are just born for greatness!

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@Animaniafreak hahaha I'm sure if she saw the chicks she would completely understand your reaction! They are incredibly adorable :)
omg the baby chicks are adorable!! I just screeched uncontrollably and now my cat is looking at me funny.
@JordanNash it's better not let her see it, my cat just want to devour everything, that's why she's a walking meatball and now on a very strict diet. And my gosh she's super grumpy!