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Halfway through the Question Challenge, and I just wanted to thank everyone so far for participating and writing really thoughtful and amazing responses to the questions. We've got some fierce competitors, let's keep the challenge going mad.
Q: This guy I just starting dating and he's awesome. We have a lot in common, we both love going to the gym, hiking, and exploring! We've only been dating for about 2 weeks now (it's very new) but he's awesome. The only problem is... his eating habits are repulsive. He shoves food into his mouth and chew with his mouth OPEN. I'm usually not picky about this stuff, but it's really a hug pet peeve of mine to chew like that. How can I tell him this bugs me without hurting his feelings? What if it never stops!
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HAHAHAHA @JimTurpen and @arnelli win for the funniest comments. I was surprised with how many people this was ALSO a pet peeve (I guess I'm not alone). I think you are all so right about this, just attacking this by letting the person know in the nice way, and seeing if it gets better. @VanessaSimmons @altiar620al @humairaa @atmi @StetsonCampbell @SeoInHan @Bobs @2Distracted @RafaelRese18 @jordanhamilton @1FallenAngel @carmaa10 @VeronicaArtino @MaighdlinS @marshalledgar @TomasOlivares @momattheword It's also going to help him out in the future too you know? like that also just bugs other people too, it could stop some awkward situations in the future.
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sorry for the late response but I used to have this problem and my ex boyfriend just told me straight up and It didn't hurt my feelings. I just didn't realize I was doing it.
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That's awesome to hear though @AprilGuillemard!
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