These 'monsta' rookies took 2015 by storm when the long awaited group debuted already with a steady fan base because of their reality show and a powerful, manly concept.
Monsta X is definitely one of the new rookie groups to come out of 2015 that should have quite a lasting power if they keep moving in the direction they are headed.
Personally, I was skeptical at first because I felt like their style was trying to ride on the sudden and explosive success of extremely popular group BTS, but as BTS is evolving, I find that the evolution of both groups are very different and Monsta X is currently tapping into something that Bangtan is edging away from.
So, you probably fall into one of the listed categories:
1.) Preexisting fan of Monsta X (will discuss fandom name a little lower on)
2.) Know of them, but either do not care to learn more or just haven't had the opportunity to learn more
3.) Who are these adorable and handsome young men and how can I marry at least one?
So if you hit any of those three categories, I urge you to look further into this card so you can enjoy, learn, and love these boys. Sadly, there is not solution that I can offer you on how to marry them. Sorry.


My friends and I have started a Monsta X fan page on facebook
so if you are a fan of Monsta X, became a fan of Monsta X just now, or seem interested in anyway in becoming in love with them, feel free to click on over there and like our fan page. Once we get more people we will most likely be more active as admins, posting videos and pics and such so you can cry over how wonderful they are.
Alright, lets go on a journey called Monsta X shall we?

1. No.Mercy

No.Mercy is a reality competition show started by Starship in which they compiled 12 (originally) male rookies that were hopefuls in becoming a member of their newest boy group.
There are 10 episodes in total of No.Mercy, and as the episodes progress, the boys go through ranking challenges, being placed in ranks 1 through 12, based on skill. After every challenge except for the original ranking challenge, a hopeful gets kicked off.
Trainees shown on No.Mercy::
Vocals: Show Nu (셔누), Yoo Su (유수) , Won Ho (원호) , Min Hyuk (민혁) , Ki Hyun (기현) ,
Hyung Won (형원) , Min Kyun (민균) , Seok Won (석원)
Rappers: Yoon Ho (윤호) , Joo Heon (주헌) , #Gun (#건) , Kwang Ji (광지) , I.M (ep.8)


If you do not know Monsta X and want to watch No.Mercy, be careful of who you fall in love with because some lovely guys don't make it and it breaks your heart. If you do already know Monsta X and you want to watch No.Mercy, be careful of who you fall in love with because even though you know the final line up the guys are all lovely and it will break your heart.

2. Monsta X: The Group

-Monsta X is a 7 member group consisting of vocalists ShowNu, Hyungwon, Minhyuk, Wonho, Kihyun and rappers Jooheon and I.M (more on the individual members a bit later)
-They debuted under Starship Entertainment in May of 2015 with Trespass
-As we saw before, they were formed on a K-pop survival competition show called No.Mercy that was aired before the group debuted
-Fandom Name: Monbebe
Let's meet the individual members!


-Birth Name: Son Hyun Woo (손현우)
-Stage Name: Shownu (셔누)
-Birthday: June 18, 1992
-He is the leader, a dancer (ugh he is really talented) , and a vocalist.
Fun Facts: He trained at JYP before coming to Starship, and trained with Got7 before they debuted. On No.Mercy, it shows him going to eat with JB, Junior, and Mark. I mentioned it up there, but boy literally has dancing abilities that could kill me.


-Birth Name: Shin Ho Seok (신호석)
-Stage Name: Wonho (원호)
-Birthday: March 1, 1993
- He is a vocalist (extremely pleasant natural tone) and a visual.
Fun Facts: Wonho is known for his sexy concept within the group, and works out often to maintain his physique. My option changed the most about Wonho when I watched No.Mercy in a very positive way. Beware of Ep.9 at the end, he will make you cry. He was also an ulzzang (internet famous beautiful person) before he debuted in a boy group.


-Birth Name: Lee Min Hyuk (이민혁)
-Stage Name: Minhyuk (민혁)
-Birthday: November 3, 1993
- He is a vocalist and a face of the group
Fun Facts: Minhyuk's dream was to become a singer and he is one of the most determined and passionate people I have witnessed. Although his talents weren't top ranks, his constant drive and his extremely pleasant personality (which is a talent all on it's own) make Minhyuk a fan favorite.


-Birth Name: Yoo Ki Hyun (유기현)
-Stage Name: Kihyun (기현)
-Birthday: November 22, 1993
- He is a vocalist (and a damn good one too).
Fun Facts: Kihyun is a tiny bean (they say he is 5'9 but I don't trust K-pop released height). He won a competition during No.Mercy that allowed him to be featured on a song entitled Pillow Talk before debut. He also took part in the popular singing program King of Masked Singer and made all of Monsta X and monbebes proud.


-Birth Name: Chae Hyung Won (채형원)
-Stage Name: Hyungwon (형원)
-Birthday: January 15, 1994
- He is a dancer, vocalist, and a visual.
Fun Facts: Along with Minhyuk and Wonho, they were considered the visual line of the trainees. Hyungwon was generally lower ranked during No.Mercy but was considered the most visually appealing and gave off a mature, 4-D appeal. He also is an extremely skilled dancer, which makes me happy because I am a straight sucker for tall, thin guys that dance well (swooon). Also with Wonho, my opinion of him changed drastically during watching No.Mercy in a positive manner.


-Birth Name: Lee Joo Heon (이주헌)
-Stage Name: Jooheon (주헌)
-Birthday: October 6, 1994
-He is a rapper (a really really good one).
Fun Facts: Jooheon has done solo material outside of Monsta X and has featured on many artists' tracks before debut as well. He was always a front runner on No.Mercy, and was shown to form deep friendships with many of his fellow trainees. Also his aegyo wins everything and his dimples could eat you.

9. I.M

-Birth Name: Lim Chang Kyun (임창균)
-Stage Name: I.M ( 아이엠)
-Birthday: January 26, 1996
- He is a rapper and the maknae.
Fun Facts: I.M was brought in half way through No.Mercy. Many of the guys speculated that he was brought in to light a fire under Yoonho because they were both rappers and both the same age, but personally I think that he was brought in to either elevate #Gun or to debut. He fits perfectly with the final 7 and I am unbelievably happy that he made it. He is also one strange kiddo.

10. Monsta X: The Music

-Mini Album, released May 2015
-Track list: 01. Trespass (title track, debut) (included the dance beagle practice because of reasons)
02. No Exit
03. One Love (personal favorite of mine)
04. Honestly (Narr. Dasom of SISTAR)
05. Steal Your Heart
06. Blue Moon (personal favorite of mine)
07. Interstellar (feat. Yella Diamond) (Jooheon, Hyeongwon, I.M)
Rush (repackaged as Hero)
-Mini Album, released September 2015
-Track list: 01.Rush (title track)
02. Hero (title track)
03. Perfect Girl (has a video, fans selfie cam thing)
04. Amen (special video that is adorable)
05. Gone Bad (has a video, selfie cam for the fans)
06. Broken Heart (personal favorite of mine)
Alright, now to recap:
-Monsta X are all babes
-Become a Monbebe now or forever hold your peace (I mean you can become one later but you are wasting time dude)
-Like our fanpage on facebook! (link is here again just in case)

Who is your bias???Where my monbebes at!?

*I own none of the photos or videos above, and I found plenty of my information from my mind, from kpopinfo114 wordpress, hallyuandi wordpress, and the wiki for Monsta X*
(@ChelseaJay I just used your tag list because I'm lazy so thank you)
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Jooheon and IM 😍 (waiting to watch #Gun on SMTM)
I fell in LOVE with Monsta X within the 1st 10 seconds of watching Hero for the 1st time. I became obsessed and watched everything with these boys that I could. I started out with ShowNu as my bias but moved to Wonho and then moved to Jooheon. Now those 3 are on a constant rotation as my bias abs bias wreckers lol! Kihyun also spent some time as my wrecker lol! I'm so excited to see what the future has in store for these guys!!
@JustinaNguyen I say just bias all four. Seems healthy. And OMG I did the same thing, watched it after their debut. It still hurt even though I know who made the group. I cried every elimination.
I.M and I are meant to be, I was born one day after his birthdays. Its official we are going to get married someday 😂😂😂
They are so much fun to watch. We are official Monbebe at my house (official fan club is open for about another week). I like all of them, but my favorite would have to be Jooheon. Kihyun should be considered part of the visual line also.
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