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Happy Tuesday, Vingle Nakama!

Today the weather outside feels lovely (sorry winter folks) almost to the point of being magical. So I decided that today's trivia quiz is gonna be all about Magical Girl anime.
I tried to make this one a little trickier than the others, because apparently everyone in the community is a genius. So I upped the ante!

In 'Cutey Honey', what is the name of the evil organization who killed Honey Kisaragi's father?

A. Panther Claw
B. Akatsuki
C. Draco Scale
D. Bear Trap

In 'Puella Magi Madoka,' why does Kyubey need to make magical girls?

A. To serve as his army in the afterlife
B. Because he is bored
C. To prevent the heat death of the universe
D. To bring magic back to his world

In Tokyo Mew Mew, the five magical girls' powers are themed after different animals. What are they?

A. Dog, Seal, Parakeet, Orangutang, Lion
B. Mouse, Cat, Snake, Pig, Horse
C. Cat, Dolphin, Weasel, Pigeon, Deer
D. Cat, Porpoise, Lorikeet, Tamarin, Wolf

In Cardcaptor Sakura, the eponymous Sakura accidentally releases the spirits of magical cards. The guardian of the cards then tasks her with retrieving them. What is his name?

A. Lyon
B. Kon
C. Kero
D. Eli

In Magic Knight Rayearth, the three heroes are summoned to a new world to fight as their magic knights in their giant mechas. What were the mechas called?

A. Jaegers
B. Rune Gods
C. Behemoths
D. Gundams
It's magical here today too in Illinois. Mid 50's all day basically. Such a mild winter love it!! I haven't seen cutey honey or puella magi madoka either actually I don't know if I've seen any of these. Coming from someone who watches anime 24/7 haha, but now that I've heard of it it will be on my to watch list!! Always looking out for these cards for new anime to watch!! Anime is life!!
Im sorry #5 is B I meant to say B
1.? 2 A (guessing cause I never saw it) 3 D 4 B 5 D
1)???? 2)c 3)???????? I only know 2